Predicting what customers will buy next

Predicting what customers will buy next

You won’t be surprised to know that predicting what customers will buy next – that crystal ball of predictions is already here.  Sitting behind your computer perfecting the limit on returns from your data, you already appreciated the importance each nuance brings to incremental change. What then is the future of marketing, to do differently with the ability to have something that already could predict each individual consumer’s future purchases. 

Consider your marketing strategy, amazing web-driven primary income stream with supporting advertising perhaps. Social-media and SEO initiatives and a plethora of audiences receiving promotional and marketing email campaigns for all the products that you hope to sell them. Behind the scenes you scrutinize data-captured on ever-refined snippets of information, to empower your powers of persuasion. What then the value of a tool which, with the highest degree of accuracy, already knows what every single one of your customers is most likely to buy next? 

So how does it work?

A sophisticated machine learning algorithm grinds away perpetually at the heart of SwiftERM. Capturing every impression, be it purchase, abandon, click-through, return to, comparison etc  It watches the every changing vagaries of each consumer. Which, let’s be fair,  you probably don’t  mind, as long as they purchased it from you and stay loyal. But it also reduces their likelihood of shopping elsewhere, smashes the stats on return rates, increases the average basket size (AOV), and obliterates the suppressions rate. Better still, is able to change the products you offer that individual in an instant dictated by their own actions, to maintain a significant and perpetual flow of income. SwiftERM learns and reacts – right products, right time – without the crystal ball. 

It’s a sceptical world we live in, so yo provide it works we have put together a series of case-studies for you to review, along with references. And next we’d like to invite to have a free trial on us, to establish viability, regardless of anyone else to ensure it works for your business. You’re not locked in, leave whenever you wish, and we offer free access to our developers so it doesn’t cost a bean to set up either.

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