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After you have discovered the benefits of SwiftERM with your FREE 30-day trial, our pricing starts from £100 per month for a database of less than 20,000 contacts.

Here’s a quick guide to show you how our prices work. If you’re a retailer with a database of 100k contacts and you pay £1,000 per month, you should expect to see attributed sales between £31,000 – £50,000 each month. So, if you’re a fashion retailer with 60% gross profit, you could see an ROI (return on investment) of between 1760% – 2900%.

“We have been using SwiftERM for over a year now & the ROI is fantastic!”

Prices depend on your database size

Our rates are tiered by the number of people you have on your database – see our table below. Starting with your database size in the first column, choose from the currency options to see your monthly rate either in Sterling, Dollars or Euros.

Profit Guarantee – any trial that does not reach the minimum of 4x ROI (return on investment) in relation to the rate above will be extended to you until you reach this.
Prefer a sales percentage? If you would prefer pricing to be a percentage of attributed sales, we are happy to look at this for you. Get in touch to discuss.
SwiftERM is a UK registered company. Currency exchange rates are calculated at the time of transaction and may vary according to the rate applicable at that time.

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