SwiftERM working for Universities and great companies around the world

SwiftERM working for Universities and great companies around the world

SwiftERM for Universities and great companies around the world, Whether for data analytics, marketing, MarTech or business we are pleased to offer our knowledge, insights and hands-on experience into whatever direction technology is taking you, Together with innovations worthy of note we offer background and context on how to improve and perfect current practices and techniques in ecommerce.

Our core speciality is predictive personalisation, (PPS). This is using all the data captured when a consumer uses an ecommerce website. In compliance with GDPR this is strictly with the consumer’s permission.  It is then used to perfect the interaction between that individual and the retailer for mutual benefit. Our investment in this technology is to pioneer a science into the acknowledgement and appreciation of the individual rather than merely being part of a cluster or segment.

We are delighted to welcome both faculty and students alike from many of the greatest Universities, Colleges and leading centres of learning around the world. Whether our content contributes to course-work, research or is part of your syllabus, we are happy to oblige.

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