Case Studies

Illustrating the enormous viability of using SwiftERM to enhance your business

The below statistics are actual stats taken from the control panels of a variety of client verticals, to prove it works for you. We offer a free 30-day trial, without locking you into a contract, so you can appreciate the benefits first-hand, immediately. 

Average ROI an enormous 1,500%
Completely autonomous software
No staff overheads as none required

Fin & Fur Pets & Aquatics

Pet food retailer - OpenCart

Database Size SwiftERM Cost 30-day additional turnover ROI @ 50% GP
7,117 £100p/m £3002.91 1401%

Pet food retailer Fin & Fur, runs on an Opencart platform, serving a database (this month) of 7,117 customers. They use SwiftERM personalised predictive product selection email software, requiring zero human involvement.

A cost of £100p/m returns additional turnover in the 30 days illustrated above of £3002.91, which accounted for 13.96% of the entire online turnover. (Data taken: 29th March 2022).
Install date: 16th March 2018.

ROI Calculation at an estimated 50% GP is 1401%.

Eves & Gray Footwear

Shoes Retailer - WooCommerce

Database Size SwiftERM Cost 30-day additional turnover ROI @ 50% GP
17404 £100p/m £2,280 1401%

Statistics showing the return on investment for retailer Eves and Gray, running on a WooCommerce platform.  The stats show a click-through-rate of 8.02% this month.  

As their database is smaller than 20k, for just £100 per month, they’re able to offer predictive personalisation for each consumer.

Monthly cost £100, attributed sales £2,280.70 @ 50% GP = £1,140.35 – £100 = £1,403.22 means the ROI 1041%  

CM Hair & Beauty

Hair, Cosmetics and Beauty Products - Adobe Magento

Database Size SwiftERM Cost 30-day additional turnover ROI @ 50% GP
6,361 £100p/m £18,326.78 9,063%

CM Hair & Beauty is a Hair and Beauty products retailer, running on Adobe Magento.

With 6,361 consumers on their database, the annual stats illustrate a steady growth as the consumers begin to appreciate receipt of their perpetually individualised personal products selections. The suppressions rate is staggeringly low, less than 0,003% pa.

Monthly cost £100, attributed sales £18,326.76 @ 50% GP = £9,163.38  – £100 (Monthly subscription rate below 20k) =  ROI 9,063%  


Annual (Since installation) attributed sales £49,360.45 @ 50% GP = £24,680.22 – 7 months (£700) = ROI 23,980%.


Figures as of 28th May 2023


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