How does SwiftERM work?

Advanced predictive analytics for ecommerce

Empower your ecommerce through personalised product emails

SwiftERM uses highly advanced, predictive analytics to provide your customers with their ideal products through personalised emails. Our state-of-the-art, plugin technology combines techniques and tools with a sophisticated algorithm to identify product choices at the exact times customers want to purchase. Fully automated, save time, costs and human resources by using as a standalone system or alongside your email marketing software.

“91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.”

It's who you know

Forecast customer product choices to increase your ROI 20x

Founded by a leading UK ecommerce expert with over three decades of expertise, SwiftERM is an innovative SaaS that was developed to fulfil a gap in the market. By offering customers an interactive, personalised ordering experience, you can capture otherwise lost sales. This isn’t just another personalised email marketing system; this is the future of email marketing. Create a relationship with your customers for continued repeat business.


Analyses past and present behaviour to identify future purchases through people’s online buying and navigation habits
Optimises your customer ordering experienceto capture and increase repeat sales
Delivers product recommendations to your customers at the right time

“A fantastic automated solution to keep customers coming back time & time again.”

Beyond historic data

Capture live impressions to identify subtle nuances

SwiftERM’s AI algorithm offers an advanced level of data insight to generate effective emails that drive repeat sales. Maximise the lifetime value of your customer and increase your average order value by providing people with products they want to buy. Predictive product selection software with easy-to-use database maintenance tools.

Intelligent algorithm determines relevance by shopping preferences
Advanced analytics consider multiple factors including budget and item comparisons
Predict buyer behaviour and present the right products at the right time

This is SwiftERM at it’s most beneficial, either as a stand-alone automatic email facility, or supporting any other email marketing software to capture otherwise lost sales.

Want a FREE 30-day trial to see how our solution will benefit your ecommerce business? NO lock-in contract periods and free installation if required.

Microsoft Certified Partner

A strategic advantage.

Using the world-class Azure platform for development
Cloud-based reporting and insights for ease of access
Advanced capabilities to provide detailed analytics

If you’re an enterprise level business, you will already recognise the potential of AI technologies to create significant value. We can enhance your go-to-market strategy.

Don’t miss out on repeat sales. Drawing from decades of ecommerce experience, SwiftERM can support your business to help generate extra revenue from your existing customers.

Knowledge Transfer Protocol

United Kingdom University Initiative

SwiftERM is a participant of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme, which is a UK University initiative. This aims to help businesses in the UK innovate and develop by utilising graduates, along with an academic or research organisation.

KTP focuses on the transfer of tangible and intellectual property, expertise, learning and skills between academia and the non-academic community. Innovation is recognised by government and funders as an important return on the UK’s investment in academic research. It can provide a significant driving force for enhancing economic growth and societal wellbeing.

For academics, KTP is a way of gaining new perspectives on possible directions and approaches for research. This two-way exchange is at the heart of successful and sustainable collaborations. As an academic or research organisation partner, KTP will help you recruit a suitable graduate, known as an Associate. They will act as the employer of the graduate, who then works at a company for an agreed duration.

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