The perfect style is simplicity

Advanced AI personalised product emails

On-brand, consistent and 100% automated

Using full automation and with the greatest of accuracy, your content is utilised in every email produced. As the emails use your own online content, there are zero errors, deviations or omissions. Every email also uses the highest resolution images to ensure full clarity and high definition. SendGrid is used to despatch selections. Your ecommerce business will also benefit from intelligent A/B testing, leading to a customer overall email that generates sales.

The name of your recipient is displayed within the salutation, as it is stored on your database, for example, ‘Hi David’.

The lead product will be the item displayed first, and this will reflect the highest buying intention of your customer.

This style sheet was the highest consistently performing version used over a 10-year period, across three blue-chip mail order companies.

The body copy of the lead product is the full description, which is not truncated, and displayed together with the price.

12 further products are shown as lineage only, along with price. This product selection also reflects the highest buying potential ranked in order.

As the retailer, you can amend the signature panel to suit your brand, and this can include extra contact information or more touch points, as required.

All images use the highest resolution for greatest clarity in HTML.

If the recipient is not able to open the HTML version, the email is sent in a plain text format.

The email subject line is always the title of the lead product.

The language used in each email is taken from your website to resonate with the recipient.

All emails have individual and collective tracking codes to capture browsing and sales data.

6 further products are displayed after the lead product. Each product has a short description and a price.

Selection of products is strictly by greatest buying likelihood.

A unique extra algorithm for 3 items that were most commonly bought by the customer appears in the selection above.

A link will be displayed allowing the recipient to adjust their subscription or opt-out.

A SwiftERM logo is included, which links to our website.

Trustpilot logo can be auto-added here, if applicable.

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