Imagine if you could predict customer product choices?

Predict each consumer's next, most likely purchase, and grab it!

Monetise knowing your customer's next product purchase - increase your marketing ROI 20x

SwiftERM is predictive personalisation software for email marketing. It has a unique AI algorithm which calculates what each consumer’s next product choice is most likely to be, based on their own unique buying history, navigation footprint and impressions. It then presents those products to them, before your competitors even know they’re in the market. It ranks all your SKUs in order of what that individual is most likely to buy next, then creates their perfect product stylesheet selection, and sends at the most ideal time, delivering a substantial lift in revenue.


It is an wholly autonomous solution, which rids you of the burden of any staff cost. It is machine learning, so perpetually refines selections for ever greater accuracy. Acclaimed research companies worldwide have verify that it delivers the highest ROI in ecommerce marketing. With it you are equipped to challenge the world’s biggest retailers. It delivers an average 1500% ROI. You can use it either as a stand alone, or running alongside your existing ESP software, but this algorithm is unique to SwiftERM. Take a FREE 30-day trial.

“No product out there I could more highly recommend at this moment in time.”

Maximise customer lifetime value

Total autonomous, personalise your customer ordering process, and experience a 20-fold increase in your ROI. This predictive personalisation SaaS will increase both AOV and CLV, reduce churn, reduce abandonment and smash RoR. It saves you money and resources. Zero staff mean zero overheads, no errors or omissions. Predictive personalisation software (PPS) is now at the forefront of ecommerce marketing and SwiftERM your leading AI provider. 

SwiftERM can be used in any industry with high levels of repeat customers:

Pet Food

“Highly innovative… triggering the right impulse purchases from customers by predicting their needs based on their past buying and browsing habits.”

Need more sales? Get SwiftERM

Instant benefits

By adopting the highest return on investment (ROI) solution available in marketing technology, your ecommerce business will become sustainable. And your customers will enjoy their experience with you because you’re offering products that match their needs.

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Fully automated - no staff required

Smart software and zero tech overwhelm

SwiftERM does not need any human involvement as it runs itself autonomously and perpetually. This maintains purity of data, offering instantaneous product selections of the highest purchase probability, as emails are called for each individual consumer. With zero staff requirement, but highest ROI, it is ideal for ecommerce retailers of all sizes.

No learning curve
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Completely automated software
Zero staff overheads

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