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Vigilant marketers stay ahead of the game

Vigilant marketers stay ahead of the game

Vigilant marketers stay ahead of the game. The professional marketer, experienced and skilled, aims to be the greatest potential asset to their company, but is bombarded perpetually with a myriad of distractions, all vying for their attention.

It is universally accepted that the key is being one step ahead of the game. Both understanding and appreciating the significance of something before anyone else does. History has taught us many great examples, decrypting codes in the midst of a battle like enigma, or predicting a stock-market crash to be able to move into shorting ahead of the game. And if only you knew this weeks lottery numbers before the draw.

How do you navigate a sea of opportunities, fearful of solutions that don’t deliver immediately? The web is full of advice, and the huge variety of reviews available help enormously, but we also want to delve deeper into identifying and prioritising resources readily available. Appreciating that no matter how good or bad something is, they will claim it is brilliant. 

Before anything it is essential to identify and prioritise goals. Respecting whatever list you make something will come along that needs to be accommodated too. A goal does two things, it sets an objective to aim for, and creates a benchmark by which you judge how well it’s been achieved. Vigilant marketers don’t ignore opportunities that would make their task far more achievable, they are adept at spotting a sitter.

How to identify and distinguish a significant opportunity.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, things don’t just land in your lap. Behind the top people, there is a process involving a lot of hard-work and effort that time and experience has allowed them to make look easy. Its involves speaking to peers, checking out opposition – what are they doing, why, with what effect. A popular myth is that they are all at each other’s throats. But on the contrary many competitors collaborate on many levels, from swapping stock to borrowing warehouses, and resources. So something that’s working well for one, is often provided with a reference by  the other. Shock horror, they talk, who’d have suspected!

Top marketers do competitor analysis, and a fair bit of time is spent checking out other people’s campaigns, drawing on direct comparisons with their own data to identify the value. This is followed by market analysis, if it’s gone up or down for their results, what moved the goal-posts? Is it something different or merely timing?  Like for like comparisons reassure against discrepancy. 

With perpetual pressure to deliver, sales people canvassing the marketer, typically offer the latest, new, shiny, inexpensive, all encompassing product. This turns our marketer into hardened cynics. However none can afford to look a gift-horse in the mouth, and each will have their own personal preference of how they will look at opportunities when they come along. There are quite few who will never be approachable, and consider themselves to be the best judge on what to use, and go out and researched for themselves what’s out there.

Vigilant marketers greater rewards – come from personalisation

Predictive personalisation is the ability to know what each and every individual consumer is most likely to buy next, but for being offered it. Lesser mortals think segmenting is the same thing, and are probably missing the biggest opportunity in global martech solutions at the moment. We partner ESPs as we do something different to them, and the results speak for themselves. This is the future of ecommerce, and discerning marketers are increasingly taking us up on the distinction it offers against other martech solutions.

With an average ROI in excess of 1000%, who could afford to not take the free month-long trial of this multi-million pound software investment? For more details on the capability of this world-beater check out our case-studies

Vigilant marketers stay ahead of the game

Vigilant marketers stay ahead of the game

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