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Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

In 2023, ecommerce companies in the UK generated a total revenue of over $130 billion. Moreover, ecommerce sales are expected to grow by 4.1% in 2024, which helps the UK keep its position as the most advanced ecommerce market in Europe.

Although the industry is largely dominated by the likes of Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, and more, there are many rapidly growing ecommerce companies in the UK. Here, we take a look at:

  • Fastest-growing ecommerce companies in the UK
  • Online stores (marketplaces) with the highest net sales
  • Important UK ecommerce statistics & facts

along with additional insights that can help you explore top ecommerce companies from the UK.

Rising Ecommerce Companies in the UK

Let’s explore the fastest-growing ecommerce companies in the UK:

1. Gymshark

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: Solihull, UK

Founded Year: 2012

Founders: Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan

Latest Funds Raised: $261M

Gymshark stands out as an important player in the fitness apparel industry, focusing on innovative, performance-enhancing gym wear that combines comfort with style.

Founded on a passion for fitness and community, Gymshark caters to a diverse audience ranging from casual fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes.

Their offerings span a broad range of products including t-shirts, leggings, sports bras, and accessories, all designed with the latest technology in moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic fits.

A journey that started in a small garage in Birmingham in 2012, with just a sewing machine and a screen printer, has turned into employees, athletes, and followers, totalling over 10 million today.

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies, Gymshark serves customers in more than 230 countries via 14 online stores built on Shopify today in 2024.

Latest News:

In 2023, Gymshark generated an annual revenue exceeding £400 million.

Gymshark Annual Revenue

This growth was fueled by a 13.1% increase in orders and a 12.5% rise in international sales, with EBITDA climbing 7% year-over-year to £40.4 million.

Gymshark successfully lowered its inventory by about £22 million, transitioning from a net debt of £14.2 million the previous year to a net cash position of £35 million as of July 31, 2023.

Since 2017, the company’s revenue and gross profit have seen significant growth. The company’s valuation now surpasses $1.3 billion, thanks to impressive sales boosts.

On the international front, the brand plans to open a 12-month pop-up store in New York and launch in Dubai this spring through a direct-to-consumer (DTC) online store.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

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“gym shark”124600010.07
“gymshark leggings”1222000.9
“gymshark shorts”1222000.9
“gymshark discount code”1181000.74

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 1006302
  • Number of Keywords: 14923
  • Traffic Percentage: 51.51
  • Total Traffic: 60091
  • Number of Keywords: 5192
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.07
  • Total Traffic: 52984
  • Number of Keywords: 3474
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.71
  • Total Traffic: 37997
  • Number of Keywords: 6298
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.94
  • Total Traffic: 37586
  • Number of Keywords: 4527
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.92

2. Smol

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2018

Founders: Nick Green and Paula Quazi

Latest Funds Raised: $34M

As the fastest-growing laundry brand in the UK, Smol is revolutionizing the home cleaning industry with its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

With the mission to reduce waste and environmental impact, Smol offers a range of concentrated cleaning products delivered directly to consumers in minimal, recyclable, and often plastic-free packaging.

Their product line includes laundry capsules, dishwashing tablets, and multi-purpose sprays, all designed to be both effective and gentle on the planet.

Smol’s innovative approach extends to its use of cruelty-free ingredients and its status as a certified B Corporation, reflecting its dedication to high social and environmental standards.

The Smol online store provides a seamless, informative experience where customers can learn about the benefits of each product, access free trials, and subscribe for regular deliveries.

Latest News:

As believers of a better way to buy cleaning products, Smol has helped save 1,876 tonnes of plastic, along with 4,288 tonnes of chemicals and 25,933 tonnes of carbon.

Through social initiatives, innovation, and research, and by collaborating with similar organizations, Smol constantly strives to improve the positive impact of their efforts.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“smol login”199006.1
“smol products”166004.07
“is baking soda the same as bicarbonate of soda”1121002.31
“smol uk”136002.22

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 86233
  • Number of Keywords: 810
  • Traffic Percentage: 66.47
  • Total Traffic: 10104
  • Number of Keywords: 7
  • Traffic Percentage: 7.78
  • Total Traffic: 7200
  • Number of Keywords: 510
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.55
  • Total Traffic: 4795
  • Number of Keywords: 599
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.69
  • Total Traffic: 2535
  • Number of Keywords: 362
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.95

3. OnBuy

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2016

Founders: Nick Green and Paula Quazi

Latest Funds Raised: £35M

Renowned as one of the best marketplaces in the world, OnBuy offers a broad selection of products and supports small to medium-sized businesses.

Launched with the vision to provide a fair and transparent shopping platform, OnBuy does not compete with its sellers by selling its own branded products.

This model has helped cultivate a vast array of over 35 million products ranging from electronics and household items to beauty and personal care products.

The platform is customer-centric, offering instant cashback on purchases, a safe shopping environment with OnBuy Protection, and multiple payment options to enhance the buying experience.

It is designed to be user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation through its extensive categories and offering helpful features like a comprehensive help centre and a blog with buying guides.

Latest News:

After being ranked 11th in the UK Technology Fast 50 by Deloitte, OnBuy reached another important milestone by being named Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce company on the prestigious FT 1000 list.

In addition, rated by 73,000 people on Trustpilot, OnBuy became the UK’s most trusted marketplace – with 85% of reviews getting 5 stars. Also, it became the world’s first cashback marketplace.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

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“on buy”14050014.25
“onbuy uk”1121004.25
“one buy”166002.32

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 170561
  • Number of Keywords: 791
  • Traffic Percentage: 75.05
  • Total Traffic: 8135
  • Number of Keywords: 253
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.57
  • Total Traffic: 3980
  • Number of Keywords: 136
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.75
  • Total Traffic: 2800
  • Number of Keywords: 11
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.23
  • Total Traffic: 2448
  • Number of Keywords: 79
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.07

4. Laced

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2018

Founders: Chris Gibbons

Latest Funds Raised: $12M

Laced is a cutting-edge online platform specializing in sneakers, offering a wide variety of styles from major brands like Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan.

Catering to enthusiasts and collectors, Laced not only sells new releases and classic models but also features a dynamic marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned sneakers.

Their website is designed with user engagement in mind, providing detailed product information, trend insights, and easy navigation to enhance the shopping experience.

Stock levels on the Laced marketplace are entirely dependent on user sales and it serves as the intermediary between buyers and sellers.

Laced also prioritizes transparency and customer satisfaction through detailed authentication processes for every sneaker sold, ensuring authenticity and quality.

Latest News:

Laced has secured more than 17 million US dollars in funding since its launch in 2018.

The latest round follows a milestone where the platform’s GMV exceeded 100 million US dollars, alongside significant new hires, including Chris Conolly, formerly of Gousto and Doran Black.

Additionally, the UK-based luxury sneaker marketplace is expanding into broader Europe, initiating the launch of dedicated language websites for various countries in the region.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“jordan 4”42010002.55
“yeezy slides”1495002.39
“jordan 4s”2740001.9

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 147902
  • Number of Keywords: 2352
  • Traffic Percentage: 28.88
  • Total Traffic: 36209
  • Number of Keywords: 1372
  • Traffic Percentage: 7.07
  • Total Traffic: 21063
  • Number of Keywords: 1270
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.11
  • Total Traffic: 17533
  • Number of Keywords: 423
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.42
  • Total Traffic: 16239
  • Number of Keywords: 128
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.17

5. Club L London

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: Manchester, UK

Founded Year: 2007

Founders: Katie Randev

Club L London specializes in women’s clothing with a particular focus on glamorous and occasion-specific attire.

From elegant dresses suitable for weddings to trendy casual wear, Club L London provides fashion choices for every significant event.

Its offerings include a diverse range of dresses, maternity wear, footwear, and accessories, ensuring options for all styles and sizes.

The brand emphasizes quality and style, tailoring its collections to include contemporary trends like spring whites, satin finishes, and floral designs.

The Club L online store is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to browse by category, occasion, or trend.

It features a dedicated bridal shop, and extensive holiday and seasonal collections, and even includes specific sections for proms and other major events.

Latest News:

Club L London sales nearly doubled over the past year, accompanied by significant increases in profits and headcount.

The Manchester-based brand recorded a turnover of £29.5 million for the 12 months ending January 31, 2023, up from £15.7 million the previous year.

A board statement highlighted that Club L has experienced exceptional growth since its launch, with consistent annual increases in revenue, profit, customers, and orders.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“club london”1495006.33
“club l london”1405005.18
“prom dresses”11100004.36
“club l”1222002.84
“white dress”1495001.96

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 108742
  • Number of Keywords: 906
  • Traffic Percentage: 17.39
  • Total Traffic: 65112
  • Number of Keywords: 2619
  • Traffic Percentage: 10.41
  • Total Traffic: 36192
  • Number of Keywords: 1322
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.78
  • Total Traffic: 26819
  • Number of Keywords: 1620
  • Traffic Percentage: 4.29
  • Total Traffic: 22696
  • Number of Keywords: 1770
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.63

6. Papier

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2015

Founders: Taymoor Atighetchi

Latest Funds Raised: $50M

Papier offers meticulously crafted and personalised stationery, bringing a touch of elegance and personality to the world of paper products.

At Papier, customers can find everything from custom notebooks and journals to wedding invitations and greeting cards, all tailored to reflect individual styles. The company prides itself on using sustainably sourced paper and collaborates with artists and designers to create unique, in-house designs that make each product uniquely appealing.

By combining modern aesthetics with traditional paper crafts, Papier not only preserves the charm of handwritten notes but also improves it with contemporary sophistication. Papier managed to reach a 30% brand awareness pretty quickly, which helped it become one of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies in the UK.

Latest News:

Before launching in the US, Papier secured $50 million in funding. The brand has since made significant gains, with its revenue increasing by 50% year over year.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“wedding invitations”3271002.36
“papier discount code”124002.04

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 35071
  • Number of Keywords: 533
  • Traffic Percentage: 37.33
  • Total Traffic: 5469
  • Number of Keywords: 203
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.82
  • Total Traffic: 3602
  • Number of Keywords: 113
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.83
  • Total Traffic: 3419
  • Number of Keywords: 266
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.63
  • Total Traffic: 2572
  • Number of Keywords: 284
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.73

7. Naturewall

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: Hull, UK

Founded Year: 2018

Founders: Philip Brown

Known as the largest SlatWall manufacturer in the UK, Naturewall sells high-quality, eco-friendly wall panels designed to transform any room with style and sustainability. Embracing “Quality, simplicity, sustainability, and authenticity”, they provide options suitable for various rooms and purposes, including waterproof and acoustic panels.

The products are made from sustainably sourced materials and designed to add both aesthetic and functional value to spaces, emphasizing durability and easy installation.

The Naturewall store lets customers explore a wide range of panelling styles and finishes, from natural wood looks to modern designs, ensuring there is something to match every interior design need. As the fastest-growing online DIY & gardening company, Naturewall also underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction with robust support services, including detailed how-to guides for DIY enthusiasts.

Latest News:

Naturewall has invested £1 million into a new manufacturing plant in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

This will enable Naturewall to bring all cutting and CNC operations in-house, which is expected to reduce costs, enhance capability for delivering products to the contract market, and create 25 jobs.

The new facility will reportedly house the UK’s second-largest beam saw and will feature a new adhesive bonding line and a bench joinery area.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“nature wall”129004.26
“wood panelling”3148001.76
“wall paneling”5271001.74
“wall panels”6271001.49

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 10264
  • Number of Keywords: 893
  • Traffic Percentage: 18.86
  • Total Traffic: 9281
  • Number of Keywords: 377
  • Traffic Percentage: 17.06
  • Total Traffic: 7637
  • Number of Keywords: 268
  • Traffic Percentage: 14.03
  • Total Traffic: 7226
  • Number of Keywords: 1018
  • Traffic Percentage: 13.28
  • Total Traffic: 3153
  • Number of Keywords: 141
  • Traffic Percentage: 5.79

8. Lyst

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2010

Founders: Chris Morton, Devin Hunt, Sebastjan Trepca

Latest Funds Raised: $85M

Lyst is a comprehensive global fashion search platform that seamlessly connects online shoppers with over 17,000 leading brands. Offering over 8 million items, from clothing and shoes to accessories and bags, Lyst provides an efficient, single-stop shopping experience. The platform allows over 160 million annual shoppers to explore a wide range of products from well-known luxury brands to up-and-coming designers, ensuring a rich diversity of styles.

Lyst’s sophisticated filter system allows users to precisely narrow down their searches based on style, brand, size, colour, and price, making the shopping experience straightforward and enjoyable. With its user-friendly interface and deep integration with fashion outlets around the world, Lyst stands out as a pivotal company in the online fashion marketplace.

Latest News:

According to the company sources, the Lyst app has risen to become the most downloaded premium fashion iOS app worldwide. In addition, Lyst has announced that its Gross Merchandise Volume now surpasses $2 billion.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“lyst ltd news”18801.71
“tro bag”116001.02
“dior heels”536000.99
“lyst index”11100.69

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 254
  • Number of Keywords: 48
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.99
  • Total Traffic: 223
  • Number of Keywords: 67
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.75
  • Total Traffic: 218
  • Number of Keywords: 1
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.71
  • Total Traffic: 205
  • Number of Keywords: 9
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.61
  • Total Traffic: 178
  • Number of Keywords: 3
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.39

9. Qogita

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2021

Founders: Yaniv Toledano and Danny Toledano

Latest Funds Raised: €80M

Qogita is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies in the UK, which serves as a marketplace for health and beauty products offering items from over 400 suppliers and 10,000 brands. The London-based ecommerce company focuses on providing low prices, high-quality service, and a seamless shopping experience through innovative logistical support and a sophisticated online platform.

This ensures a comprehensive procurement solution that includes flexible payment terms, efficient delivery, and dedicated customer support, catering to both small and large retailers across the continent.

With over 95.000 brands in its catalogue, Qogita offers an impressive range of products across various categories including skincare, makeup, hair care, and more. Aiming to “revolutionise wholesale procurement, shifting the power to small and medium players”, it also allows merchants to sell products and reach new buyers or markets.

Latest News:

Qogita has secured €80 million in a Series B funding round led by London’s Dawn Capital. The company intends to use this capital to expand into additional categories.

Participating in the round were previous investors Accel, Bessemer Venture Partners, and LocalGlobe, bringing Qogita’s total funding to over €120 million.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“qogita wholesale”1704.55
“super milker”1310000.73

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 1198
  • Number of Keywords: 65
  • Traffic Percentage: 97.47
  • Total Traffic: 22
  • Number of Keywords: 4
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.79
  • Total Traffic: 5
  • Number of Keywords: 1
  • Traffic Percentage: 0.4


  • Total Traffic: 3
  • Number of Keywords: 1
  • Traffic Percentage: 0.24
  • Total Traffic: 1
  • Number of Keywords: 1
  • Traffic Percentage: 0.08

10. Shop Circle

Fastest-Growing Ecommerce Companies in the UK (2024)

Location: London, UK

Founded Year: 2021

Founders: Gian Maria Gramondi and Luca Cartechini

Latest Funds Raised: $120M

Shop Circle is an innovative ecommerce company, that provides tools designed to streamline and enhance the digital commerce experience. The company offers a comprehensive suite of apps and solutions tailored to various needs of online businesses, such as enhancing customer engagement with loyalty programs.

Shop Circle’s platform is focused on helping businesses grow by providing the tools necessary for scaling operations, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing sales. It serves as a portal where ecommerce businesses can explore and integrate various applications that boost their performance & sales.

Latest News:

Liberis has teamed up with Shop Circle to offer instant, hassle-free funding solutions to ecommerce businesses in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition, Shop Circle raised 120 million dollars in a funding round. Currently, the company works with over 100,000 ecommerce brands all over the world.

Organic & Paid Traffic:

Top Organic Keywords:

KeywordPositionVolumeTraffic (%)
“shop circle”126069.1
“cir shop”226011.29
“circle shop”11703.65
“seller tool kit”1636003.32

Top Landing Pages:

  • Total Traffic: 262
  • Number of Keywords: 35
  • Traffic Percentage: 87.04
  • Total Traffic: 11
  • Number of Keywords: 5
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.65
  • Total Traffic: 10
  • Number of Keywords: 3
  • Traffic Percentage: 3.32


  • Total Traffic: 8
  • Number of Keywords: 1
  • Traffic Percentage: 2.65
  • Total Traffic: 5
  • Number of Keywords: 2
  • Traffic Percentage: 1.66

Top Online Stores (Marketplaces) in the UK

Here are the best online stores & marketplaces in the UK, sorted by the net sales they generated in 2023:


Amazon UK - Homepage

Online Store Launch: 1998

Amazon UK offers an extensive range of products including books, electronics, clothing, groceries, and much more.

Known for its vast selection, competitive pricing, and efficient logistics, Amazon UK provides a convenient and reliable online shopping experience.

Customers can also enjoy services like Amazon Prime for expedited shipping, Prime Video for streaming, and various other benefits that enhance their shopping and entertainment experiences.

Amazon UK Facts & Statistics

  • Amazon’s net sales in the UK have doubled since 2018.
  • In 2023, the United Kingdom became Amazon’s third-largest market, with net sales of $33.6B.
  • Amazon operates 20 distribution centres in the UK, marking its largest European logistics and fulfilment network.
  • In April 2024, Amazon UK’s total visits reached 326.6 million.
  • Currently, over 100,000 UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sell their products through Amazon’s global stores.
  • With over 1,600 participants, Amazon hosts one of the UK’s largest and most diverse apprenticeship schemes.
  • Amazon has invested over £56 billion in the UK since 2010.
  • More than 2,700 employees are stationed across Amazon’s four UK Development Centers.


Sainsbury's - Homepage

Online Store Launch: 1999

Sainsbury’s provides a wide variety of goods including groceries and home products.

The company focuses on providing high-quality, affordable products within sections for different departments like Sainsbury’s Bank, Argos, and Habitat.

Sainsbury’s online store also promotes various savings programs, such as the Nectar rewards system, which enhances the shopping experience by offering tailored discounts and benefits.

Sainsbury’s UK Facts & Statistics

  • Sainsbury’s has invested £560 million over two years to enhance value for customers.
  • Since March 2023, Sainsbury’s has invested £220 million and a total of £780 million over the past three years to keep prices low and pass on less inflation than the market average.
  • Most of Sainsbury’s customers now regularly benefit from Nectar Prices, saving £12 on a typical £80 weekly grocery bill.
  • Nectar Prices extend to around 7,000 products, allowing customers to save a total of £1.3 billion since the launch of the program.
  • Over the last three years, Sainsbury’s has achieved £1.3 billion in cost savings.
  • The company donated over 10 million meals through Neighbourly.
  • Argos, a part of Sainsbury’s, was the third most visited retail website in the UK last year, with over 70% of its sales starting online.
  • Over the last year, Sainsbury’s provided £66.4 million of additional support to British meat, dairy, and produce farmers.
  • Sainsbury’s introduced nearly 1,200 new products and achieved a 12% sales growth in its Taste the Difference line.


Tesco - Homepage

Online Store Launch: 2000

From groceries and clothing to electronics and homeware, Tesco provides everything a shopper might need under one roof.

The company is committed to affordability and convenience, offering competitive prices and a loyalty scheme through the Tesco Clubcard, which provides discounts and rewards for regular customers.

Additionally, Tesco extends its reach beyond retail to include financial services and mobile phone offerings, ensuring they meet the wide-ranging needs of their customers.

Tesco UK Facts & Statistics

  • The Tesco online store serves more than 20 million customers visiting the site every month.
  • Tesco currently commands 26% of the overall market share in the UK.
  • By January 2000 it was the biggest online grocery store in the world with annualised sales of £125 million and 2,000 new customers signing up with Tesco Direct every week.
  • Tesco Clubcard has gained over 20 million users since its launch.
  • Clubcard helps customers save up to £360 off the annual cost of their groceries.
  • With a new AI-powered Clubcard Challenge, customers can collect up to £50 in Clubcard points.
  • Tesco contributes an additional £75m to British agriculture.
  • Tesco’s overall revenue for the UK and ROI amounted to over 60 billion British pounds in 2022/23.
  • Tesco employs over 309,000 people in the UK.


Asda - Homepage

Online Store Launch: 1998

Known for its wide range of products and commitment to affordability, Asdaoffers an extensive selection of groceries, clothing under its George label, household items, and more.

The Asda online store provides a comprehensive online shopping experience, featuring easy navigation for food shopping, apparel purchases, and pharmaceutical needs.

It includes services like home delivery and click-and-collect, enhancing convenience for customers. The site also highlights Asda’s initiatives like price guarantees and special discounts.

Asda UK Facts & Statistics

  • Asda’s online store serves 98% of UK homes.
  • Asda’s brand awareness in the UK stands at 97 per cent.
  • 48% of UK online grocery delivery users express a preference for Asda.
  • Introduced in 2011, Grocery Click and Collect has expanded to more than 15 million orders annually.
  • The Asda Rewards app is used by 5 million customers across the UK.
  • Asda Rewards helped customers save over £400 million in Cashpots for use in-store or online.
  • Asda has recently announced new price reductions on hundreds of products totaling £70 million, continuing its commitment to lowering shopping costs for its customers.
  • Asda reported a 9.6% increase in sales year over year, including a 14.7% rise in own-brand sales.
  • In the 12 weeks up to September 3, 2023, Asda’s sales rose by 5.1%compared to the same period the previous year.

10 Important Statistics for Ecommerce Companies in the UK

Let’s explore important statistics for ecommerce companies in the UK:

In 2023, ecommerce companies in the United Kingdom generated a total revenue of $131.5B, with projections to rise to $185.37B by 2028.

Revenue of ecommerce companies in the UK

The UK hosts the most developed ecommerce market in Europe. It’s home to nearly 60 million ecommerce users, which is expected to grow to 62.7 million by 2029.

Ecommerce users in the UK

In 2023, the ARPU for personal care ecommerce was $114.8 in the UK.

personal care ecommerce ARPU in the UK

Amazon leads as the top ecommerce platform in the UK, attracting over 500 million monthly visits as of March 2024.

Amazon UK visitors

On average, online shoppers in the UK spend $126 on desktop purchases compared to $102 on tablets and $86 on mobile phones.

More than 42% of shoppers in the United Kingdom begin their purchase journeys via search engines.

The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the UK ecommerce market is expected to increase by $577.5 between 2024 and 2029.

In 2023, the keyword ‘boots’ topped the competitiveness chart in the UK with a score of 94, while ‘sneakers’ and ‘sandals’ scored 70 and 65, respectively.

With a 21% market share, Shopify is the second leading ecommerce platform in the UK as of 2024.

The revenue in the UK’s furniture ecommerce market is forecasted to grow by a total of $5.9B between 2024 and 2029.

BONUS: Please refer to our additional sources for more facts and & stats about ecommerce companies in the UK:

Sources of Statistics for Ecommerce Companies in the UK

Here are the sources used for stats:








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