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The top 100 UK winners at ecommerce and why

The top 100 UK winners at ecommerce and why

Recent reach into the winners at ecommerce reveals the significant progress made by UK ecommerce in the last four years. It’s anticipated that store visits will decrease this year by between 5% and 10% compared to four years prior, according to shopper analytics expert Forrester Research. Enjoying a current increase of 26.6% YoY, according to ONS data.

In light of this, especially with more consumers having less disposable income for non-essential shopping due to the highest inflation rates in 40 years, pureplay and multichannel retailers must focus on maximising the value of each purchase.

So, how can the top 100 winners in ecommerce achieve this? Turning the unpredictability of online sales into an advantage requires creativity, innovation, and investment. Fortunately, the UK’s top ecommerce retailers in our list provide insights into how to perpetuate an upward trend online.

According to a comprehensive summary of the ranking in this report, to achieve ecommerce success, a strategy must include at the very least:
i. Outstanding digital customer support, covering all aspects from buying assistance to engaging on social media
ii. A robust supply chain system that operates smoothly from the initial to the last stages Investment in mobile applications, whether through software improvements, rewards, discounts, or special deals.
iii. Broadening your online presence by being available in more digital environments through marketplaces, partnerships with retailers, and third-party collaborations.
iv. Enhancing the ability to be found online,
v. Prioritising the use of first-party data, ensuring hyper-personalisation for each consumer, as it delivers the greatest earning potential above everything else combined, sits at the top of your list.

Winners at ecommerce – relationship and relevancy priority

A noticeable pattern among the leading ecommerce retailers in the UK is the genuine bond they’re establishing with their customers through their marketing approaches. This pattern known as “relationship marketing,” specifically revolves around hyper-personalisation and relevancy of product selection offered to each consumer. Which essentially means prioritising the customer at the heart of all operations.

Tim Glomb, the Vice President of Global Content at Marigold, which owns Cheetah Digital, Selligent, and other companies, describes this concept as “listening to consumers as unique individuals and addressing their requirements through marketing activities.” It is fair to say that by listening he means luring from every first-party KPI and touchpoint on the customer journey to identify that single person’s needs, demands, influenceable whims and priorities. This especially involves tailoring every email communication, advertisements, and adjusting your loyalty programs accordingly, among other things. Customers are increasingly weary of receiving impersonal, universal offers from brands, and retailers without the appropriate solutions in place will fall by the wayside.

Glomb mentions: “Our latest consumer trends index also revealed that 49% of individuals are annoyed by content and offers that don’t match their interests, indicating that now is the right time and the technology is available to meet these needs on a large scale.” For example, M&S is focusing on improving its relationship marketing efforts.

Although it has been enhancing the hyper-personal touch in its customer experience through its website, app, and CRM program over the last few years, it has recently installed a custom solution in-house to strengthen customer relationships and foster future expansion. The aim is to achieve widespread hyper-personalisation, transitioning from a targeted promotions approach to one where the variety, interactions, and presentation of products are tailored to each customer, making M&S a more appealing and convenient shopping destination.

The store’s focus on tailoring experiences for customers intensified its efforts. M&S has acquired assets such as the code and algorithms created by Thread and is now recruiting 30 of its former data scientists, software engineers, and styling and creative team members. M&S has mentioned in recent years that it has “created significant value by leveraging customer data, customising relevant offers, and using language and providing recommendations for repeat purchases and related products.” It is expected that more than 20% to 25% of all online interactions will be hyper-personalised this year, but co-chief executive Katie Bickerstaffe aims to increase this to 50% within the next two to three years.


It’s obvious that the leading ecommerce retailers in the UK share several key traits – they’ve focused on technology, personnel, logistics, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction to enhance their online sales performance.

None are suggesting that a single magic solution exists to a successful ecommerce approach, as many of these top online sellers are still adapting to changes. Amazon serves as a prime example, despite its high status and reputation as a dominant force in ecommerce, it hasn’t been spared from the effects of falling online sales and has had to continuously reevaluate and modify its approach.

There’s also a new era for ecommerce, one where new disruptors like Beauty Pie are taking over the online market, and established retailers that were once dismissed by critics, like White Stuff and Quiz, are making a comeback to online expansion. Above all, it’s clear that to remain at the forefront of online retail, companies must update their ecommerce strategies – what was effective in the past may not be effective now.

Hyper-personalisation, of which it is important to appreciate the distinctions, is key, with Asos investing in a data science team to improve its online recommendations to Next doubling down on hyper-personalisation across its website and app, the report has shown that customers have to be at the heart of ecommerce strategy. Retailers have to become customer-obsessed with it now.

The List:

RankStorePlatformCategoryRevenueMonthly visitorRating
1Daily Mail OnlineCustom Cart11B-20B
2Amazon.co.ukCustom Cart3001B-5000B
3Glamour UKCustom Cart31M-50M1M-10M
4Claire’sSalesforce Commerce CloudArts & Crafts1B-10B1M-10M
5Www.thetimes.co.ukCustom Cart1B-10B
6DepopCustom Cart1B-10B
7John Lewis & PartnersCustom Cart301M-500M201K-300K
8PrettyLittleThingCustom CartWomen’s Clothing501M-1B301K-500K
9The Body Shop®Custom CartFace & Body Care1B-10B501K-1M
10ALLSAINTSSalesforce Commerce Cloud501M-1B
11LOOKFANTASTICTHG IngenuityHair Care301M-500M501K-1M
12Oh Polly UKShopifyWomen’s Clothing501M-1B
13FlannelsCustom CartMen’s Clothing501M-1B51K-100K
14Motelrocks.comShopifyWomen’s Clothing301M-500M
15Cult BeautyTHG IngenuityFace & Body Care101M-200M
16HobbycraftSalesforce Commerce CloudArts & Crafts301M-500M21K-30K
17HELLO! US EditionCustom Cart21M-30M
18TrainlineCustom CartBus & Rail31M-50M
19Fortnum & MasonMagento31M-50M
20GumtreeCustom Cart1B-10B
RankStorePlatformCategoryRevenueMonthly visitorRating
21Public Desire UKShopifyFootwear201M-300M
22Dolce&Gabbana Online StoreSalesforce Commerce Cloud1B-10B
23Next Official SiteCustom Cart1B-10B101K-200K
24Bear®Salesforce Commerce CloudStuffed Toys1B-10B
25Kick GameShopifyFootwear/Athletic Apparel101M-200M
26BoohooSalesforce Commerce CloudWomen’s Clothing1B-10B1M-10M
27Days Of The YearWooCommerce21M-30M
28Vision Direct UKMagentoVision Care/Eyewear101M-200M
29TeachMeAnatomyWooCommerceBiological Sciences21M-30M
30Shop Online At SelfridgesCustom Cart1B-10B1M-10M
31Chi Chi LondonShopifyWomen’s Clothing101M-200M
32River IslandCustom Cart501M-1B501K-1M
33House & GardenCustom CartGardening & Landscaping201M-300M301K-500K
34Pandoraâ„¢ UKSalesforce Commerce Cloud31M-50M
35TatlerCustom Cart501M-1B501K-1M
36Lisa EldridgeShopifyFace & Body Care51M-100M
37Woman &Custom Cart21M-30M
38Volkswagen UKCustom Cart301M-500M
39Notonthehighstreet.comCustom Cart301M-500M101K-200K
40WaterstonesCustom Cart501M-1B
RankStorePlatformCategoryRevenueMonthly visitorRating
41InterfloraCustom CartFlowers201M-300M
42Marie Claire UKCustom Cart11M-20M
43House Of FraserCustom Cart501M-1B51K-100K
44GoodToCustom CartFood1B-10B
45LibertySalesforce Commerce Cloud201M-300M
46WarhammerCustom CartBoard Games11M-20M
47ReissCustom Cart301M-500M
48WickesSAP Commerce Cloud1B-10B21K-30K
50Free Student DiscountsCustom Cart301M-500M
51VeryOracle Commerce1B-10B51K-100K
52Sainsbury’sHCL Commerce201M-300M101K-200K
53Creative BloqCustom CartVisual Art & Design1M-10M
54The Royal MintCustom Cart301M-500M
55The North FaceHCL CommerceFootwear/Sporting Goods501M-1B
56Happy BedsMagentoBed & Bath/Home Furnishings101M-200M
57Red MagazineMagento101M-200M
58LakelandSAP Commerce Cloud201M-300M
59Harvey NicholsMagento101M-200M
60Rough GuidesCustom Cart501M-1B
RankStorePlatformCategoryRevenueMonthly visitorRating
61What HiCustom Cart1M-10M
62Monica VinaderCustom CartArts & Crafts301M-500M
63Space NKSalesforce Commerce CloudFace & Body Care201M-300M
64Woman &Custom Cart1M-10M
65Alexander McQueenSalesforce Commerce Cloud1B-10B201K-300K
66Wayfair.co.ukCustom CartHome Furnishings101B-200B
67PapierCustom CartArts & Crafts201M-300M
68CurrysSalesforce Commerce Cloud201M-300M51K-100K
69Fred PerryMagento201M-300M
70DuluxCustom CartHome Improvement201M-300M
71OcadoCustom CartFood201M-300M31K-50K
72KILLSTAR – UK StoreShopify301M-500M
73Holland & BarrettCustom Cart51M-100M
74Thompson & MorganCustom CartGardening & Landscaping/Agriculture & Forestry201M-300M
75ALDI UKCustom CartFood1M-10M51K-100K
76Center ParcsCustom CartTheme Parks301M-500M
77Folio SocietyMagento101M-200M
78BaseTHG IngenuityHome & Interior Decor/Home Improvement501M-1B31K-50K
79Yours ClothingCustom CartWomen’s Clothing101M-200M
80Wrexham AFCCustom CartTeam Sports501M-1B
RankStorePlatformCategoryRevenueMonthly visitorRating
81BravissimoCustom CartUndergarments/Swimwear301M-500M
82GAMEHCL CommerceComputer & Video Games301M-500M31K-50K
83CoastSalesforce Commerce CloudWomen’s Clothing101M-200M
84To Accessorize GlobalSalesforce Commerce Cloud101M-200M
85Hotel ChocolatSalesforce Commerce CloudFood301M-500M
86WHSmithCustom Cart201M-300M
87Ticketmaster UKCustom Cart501M-1B301K-500K
88NADINE MERABIShopifyWomen’s Clothing301M-500M
89DreamsSAP Commerce CloudBed & Bath501M-1B
90London Gatwick AirportSalesforce Commerce CloudAir Travel1M-10M
91New BalanceSalesforce Commerce CloudFootwear/Athletic Apparel501M-1B11K-20K
92Dune LondonSalesforce Commerce CloudFootwear101M-200M
93CarpetrightCustom CartHome Furnishings101M-200M
94Abbott LyonShopifyClothing Accessories501M-1B
95Victoria Beckham UKShopify101M-200M
96Zalando UKCustom CartFootwear201M-300M51K-100K
97WarehouseSalesforce Commerce Cloud101M-200M
98TOASTShopifyWomen’s Clothing101M-200M
99Joules®SAP Commerce CloudFootwear201M-300M
100SilkFredCustom CartWomen’s Clothing101M-200M

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