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Must read blogs for ecommerce success in 2024

We’ve just completed a survey of our fastest-growing and most profitable clients to establish what has helped them achieve the most in the last 12 months. We included both large and small names, to focus the purpose on growth rather than achievements already in place.

By achieve we mean delivered their greatest increase in ecommerce success, be that GP, AOV, CLV, lower RoR etc. This article offers a ranking of those aspects by the blog which addressed that specific element, read the most and specifically then implemented by these individuals, which then delivered the greatest return.

Ecommerce success: where’s it coming from:

1. Hyper-personalisation in email marketing

2. Hyper-personalisation explained

3. AI hyper-personalisation and sustainability

4. What are the distinctions between the top 30 hyper-personalisation software providers

5. Hyper-personalisation using AI machine learning

6. Hyper-Personalisation Strategies to Drive Ecommerce

7. Hyper-personalisation trajectory, relevancy and autonomy

8. Why hyper-personalisation in fashion increases conversion

9. Stop focusing on loyalty and start thinking about relevance

10. Personalisation vs. Individualisation – the marketing distinction

11. Your customers only ever want a personal experience

12. AI and machine learning trends to watch in 2024


As our company focus is on that area of ecommerce operation that delivers the greatest ROI from your marketing budget, it would be fair to admit that the core focus of all our articles is quite narrow. However, despite the subtlety of distinction between the articles, there are significant insights, which have served their purpose well.

No one would be expected to achieve a grasp of a new area of interest from reading an article in isolation. However they build on each other, and each offers either an insight be it technology variation, or ecommerce vertical focus, enabling a broader reach specifically offering an appreciation where it is most appropriate to that reader.

We would love to get your feedback as a contribution on any of the above, or if you’d like us to concentrate specifically on your vertical to help you, do let us know.

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