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Wine - Selling DTC for vintners ecommerce retailers and vineyards

Wine – Selling DTC for vintners ecommerce retailers and vineyards

Wine – Selling DTC for vintners, retailers and vineyards. If ever there was a vertical sector that preferred to resist change, it is the selling of wine. The finer the wine, or older the company seemingly the greater the reticence.

Hundreds of years of tradition and culture prescribed a system of selling and marketing wines that has been long established, and rarely bettered. If it was good enough for our forebears, who are we to question it? Attempted changes over the years have typically resulted in failure and often cataclysmic ones at that, so why rock the boat.

As is obvious though, the internet wasn’t around until the mid-90s, and the change in consumer buying habits has drastically changed in just the past couple of decades, and was never anticipated. The smarter among us are off their marks quickest and are reaping the rewards as a consequence. They appreciate that consumers are not burdened by our historic tradition, but are instead spoiled by modern experiences they enjoy from other verticals instead.

They expect you to come to them. Irritating as that is, you may feel that your investment in stock and store should be enough to win their appreciation, yet you will be amazed at the additional volume of revenue selling direct generates. If you wish to cultivate lasting relationships with the consumers today, you need to go the extra mile and succumb to their whims and dictates, learning how they wish to be courted in return for their custom and loyalty to you.

While more and more retailers and vineyards become switched on to this technological future, we realise where each of us enters this environment is different. To this end, it is our goal here at SwiftERM, to help by offering information and the means for you to maximise your return from ecommerce, and selling DTC.

We offer software that identifies which of all the products on offer of of the greatest interest to your consumers, individually and when. Without needing any human involvement whatsoever, it then selects the ones with the highest chance of being purchased imminently, and send details of those wines to capture the sale. This is called predictive personalisation software (PPS) and SwiftERM would like to offer you opportunity to show you why it has the highest ROI in marketing currently.

We go further than this and try and help you get ahead of the curve, offering a selection of articles and details specifically for the wine industry, from which to benefit.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Indeed, the reluctance to embrace new technology is legendary. Some are still procrastinating on the purchase of their first fax machine. I don’t blame them. As artists interpreting the nature of the terroir that surrounds them, who wants to be distracted by the fast pace of technology?

    But to succeed they don’t have a choice. Having affordable solutions on their side is increasingly imperative to beat the more aggressive competition. Over the years I’ve sadly seen too many wineries go bankrupt simply because they thought their wine would sell itself.

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