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Why you need email personalisation software as well

Why you need email personalisation software – as well

Predictive personalisation software (PPS) it is not an alternative to your existing email service provider solutions, but rather offers additional ROI from existing consumers. It achieves this quite simply by personalising product selections for each individual consumer, a prediction of what they are most likely to buy next.

Don’t assume your existing solution already does it

 Consider the typical company, running standard ESP software, (Emarsys, Dotdigital, Klaviyo etc), the perpetual developments of which might imply that you already have an all-in-one solution, that offers you complete control, and a consolidation of your needs under one roof – assurance of a uniformity of effort etc. Scratch the service and you get to segmentation, a far cry from personalisation.

The cause is most likely to be due to negative implication, those stalwarts of hesitation, fear of the unknown, whether it be by the developer, supplier or management, or fear of competition from the incumbent provider – perceiving us as a challenger, the first chink in their armour toward eventual demise. They certainly are not going to admit that their system doesn’t do everything, especially if there is a chance you might not appreciate the distinction. But we know otherwise.

But we’d like you to pause and hear the flip-side from us. Contrary to erroneous perception PPS does not compete against your ESPs and neither do es it compete against software that personalises your website to each visitor.

Look at the world through the eyes of the consumer. (Not collectively, as you would a segmented audience). The death knell has sounded for segmentation. PPS serves each consumer as individuals, for retailers selling multiple products direct to the consumer, offering a unique personalisation product offering items calculated to be the next most likely purchase he or she will make.

It is widely appreciate that personalisation is the future of ecommerceand if you appreciate that, then the next step is that ecommerce is the future of the global economy. So joining the dots means personalisation is the future of the global economy.

This makes it the number one priority for everyone.

But why a second system running in parallel?

Why have an anaesthetist and a surgeon? Simply because they do different things. The distinction is in the purpose. Quite simply additional revenue, not otherwise accessible. Existing ESPs makes one revenue stream, PPS another. The likes of McKinsey, Bain, Forrester and Statista all confirming their research shows predictive personalisation outperforms every other form of marketing solution at a rate of 20:1. 

PPS utilises every nuance to predict imminent consumer purchases for each individual – personally. Products offered have the highest buying propensity, as we employ each individuals consumer’s buying history and impressions, including the live ones – on that specific visit. It perpetually ranks each and every one of your SKUs (and we may be talking millions) not by anything to do with whatever campaigns you happen to be running, but rather by what each individual is most likely to want, need, desire of be most susceptible to buying, at that exact moment in time.

Don’t look at this from the corporate point of view, of it being “not what we currently do“, but instead as what the consumer is thinking. “I love shopping with you because, not only do you send me offers, and the latest range”  (or indeed anything you have set your triggers to identify) “but you just seem to know what I want all the time and you send me precisely that too”. 

The hard-truth is that no matter what you are running currently, adding PPS to your system will deliver substantial additional revenues not otherwise available. Personalisation is the future and your need to get ready for it.

It is widely appreciated that scepticism is the order of the day, when considering new software. We know SwiftERM offer a 30-day free trial of PPS software, so you can establish viability without risk.

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