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Email personalization more than just getting their name right

Email personalisation – more than just getting their name right

Email personalisation is so much more than just getting their name right. It truly beggars belief some supplier’s ability to obfuscate! There are extremely authoritative ESP sites explaining the need, when addressing the topic of emailing consumers, that this means merely to “getting their name right”, as if that is the bee and end all to it. Sadly there are many examples, without naming names, it is embarrassing. 

Consumers, on the other hand, have come to demand and expect relevant and personalised content and experience, both online and offline.

To meet those demands, marketers are striving to leverage email personalisation to move to a 1:1 experiences that not only meet, but exceed consumer expectations and set that retailer apart from the competition.

That’s why it’s not surprising that, when asked to prioritise one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, 33% of marketers answered: “personalisation.” Furthermore, 74% of marketers say targeted personalisation increases customer engagement, and they see an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalised experiences.

What these less scrupulous software vendors don’t tell you is when their solution steps out of being as sophisticated as they would like you to think, into the realms of it being deprecated, specifically when their solution has to move back to segmenting instead of remaining unique and personal to each individual recipient. Personalisation is a broad term, and it can vary in sophistication.

Here’s an example “Basic email personalisation includes tactics like using a subscriber’s name in the subject line, while more advanced tactics can include changing the content of the email based on a subscriber’s gender, location, or other things you know about them.”

You are the CEO of a thriving ecommerce business, pushing ever aspect on your business forward keeping it at the cutting-edge, and that’s what you get served up!Their stats for personalisation in fairness are within the realms of appropriate for those looking for a quick fix.

Many personalised email campaign, studies have shown emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without, and one company found that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ personalisation. Imagine then what the effect if the product selection is nano-second accurate to even the visit that consumer is on now, and your email solution personalises using that. Fully automatically, without human intervention. No scope for error or omission. 

These results stem from the fact that personalised emails are more relevant to subscribers. Instead of receiving a campaign with generic offers and messaging, your subscribers will receive an email that is targeted directly at them, relevant to the immediate interests. 

Single Grain highlight in their “personalisation to increase impact’ article that email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent for ever $1 invested. Then that segmented email marketing campaigns get 14.64% more email opens and 59.99% more clicks compared to non-segmented campaigns. Consider then instead of segmenting audiences, the product selection was personal too. Experian kindly provide the answer, a 6-times higher transaction rate.

A nano second after you read those statistics, typically in the next paragraph of the articles you are reading, will be the word “segmenting”. Why, do they do that? They understand the problem, so why is there is a need to continue to serve left-overs?

There are, of course, serious technical issues to resolve, to achieve the necessary level of refinement, which is impossible without the right knowledge – and this extends into understanding the respective verticals too, and is expensive to get right. One clever article we read, to head this off asked “what level of sophistication is good?”.

The implication being that anything beyond what they offer is either not necessary or does not deliver additional benefits! As they obviously hadn’t got the solution, it is difficult to see how they could come to any other conclusion. 

Indeed the more observant among you will be aware that any solution’s site you visit will use language that can only be interpreted in such a way so you arrive at their particular product (email marketing software obviously). It dictates to you, so you are delivered to only that product.

We beg to differ. We offer personalised product selection software (PPS) which identifies imminent product purchases, uniquely for each consumer as an individual. It runs perpetually, without need of human involvement ever, as it is is 100% autonomous. It uses nano technology, an AI based algorithm, using data streaming from your site every second, and yes it is personally addressed too.

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