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Email personalisation, what is it and how to do it.

Email personalisation, how powerful is it and how to do it?

Email personalisation, how powerful is it and how to do it? This should feature as every ecommerce marketers highest priority. By offering a personalised experience to your customers you can make sure that each and every one feels like they’re the most important person in the world. You can give them a shopping experience that’s tailored to their specific needs and wants, and develop and close affinity that offers unprecedented value.

Ecommerce personalisation is the process of tailoring a shopper’s online experience based on their individual needs and preferences. This can include things like customised product recommendations, targeted ads, and personalised landing pages.

Predictive personalisation software (PPS) takes this even further, by using each individual shopper’s captured data to identify exactly what products that individual is most likely to purchase next. What’s more, it then takes that selection and employs it, to know when that purchase is most likely to take place. It then ensures maximum capture (read profit) by sending them their selection by email at exactly the perfect time.

Why does email personalisation have such a high return?

First, it makes shoppers feel valued and appreciated. This can encourage them to return to your store again and again, as well as recommend your business to their friends and family. McKinsey offer that it delivers 20x the return of segmented emails and omnichannel marketing combined.

Personalised experiences also increase customer engagement, and build a loyal customer base for your brand. A whopping 45% of site visitors are more likely to shop where they enjoy being offered personal recommendations.

Where there are sales, there is revenue growth. Brands that achieve this top level of personalisation have seen their revenue grow by 38%.

By understanding which products and services appeal to each individual shopper, PPS better tailors your offerings to meet their needs. This leads to increased conversion rates, higher basket value, boosts your revenue stream and deepens the loyalty between your consumer and your brand.

Ecommerce personalisation leads buyers through the customer journey, by enhancing brand awareness, aiding product discovery, and building a trusted brand that has customers coming back again and again.

Did you know that personalised email content deliver 6X higher transaction rates? Six times! 

Companies that focus their efforts on catering to the personal needs of their customers have seen an increase in ROI by as much as 300%. 

How to start with ecommerce email personalisation

Many companies are trying to figure out how to incorporate email personalisation, but they often get it wrong. 

Today up to 71% of customers surveyed now expect a personally catered shopping experience, and are more likely to become frustrated if they don’t get it. This makes it critical for your business to get your personalisation sorted quickly. 

You make sure you have the right technology and tools in place. There are a number of different software programs that can help you collect data and then use it to create personalised experiences. But only PPS solutions, which run wholly autonomously, ensures data accuracy and zero corruption at any point.

After all, an artificial intelligence computer required no holidays, weekends or evenings off. It doesn’t need to go to the toilet or need a coffee break mid-morning. It doesn’t forget your latest products, and neither to does it ever forget the individual consumers for whom it is preparing a product selection based on that individuals own taste.

The offset for this total lack of human involvement, negates opportunity for creativity in your emails, as it is solely interested in delivering product selections. However as this drivers the highest ROI in ecommerce marketing today 20c more than everything else combined, this should not inhibit your immediate installation.

Plus it is further compensated for because it doesn’t include any personnel by the maximum GP, After all do you know how much your ecommerce staff really cost?


Finally, ecommerce PPS is something you can set and forget. It’s an ongoing process that automatically monitors and adjusts. As your customer base changes and grows, so too do their needs and wants. Once installed you have the luxury of knowing it doesn’t need a chaperone.

Further, that it is delivered to your consumers inbox negates such rigorous comparison on each product’s price too. An email stands-alone in their inbox, it doesn’t offer the opportunity for the consumer to have anything to compare it with.

It benefits from an established belief made by each individual consumer having previously purchased from you, that it is a “given” that you have already past the price comparison test, likewise quality, delivery etc. You have already won their trust hence the reason you are their preferred go to brand. .

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