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Ecommerce marketing - the omission of the most obvious sales opportunities

Ecommerce marketing – the omission of the most obvious sales opportunities

We all like value for money, no one likes to feel deprived of something in addition to normal, that they can enjoy without paying more. It’s human nature. Not because it makes you a better person or because you air on the side of caution, but rather reasons like that you appreciate how hard-earned your money is, or that you may have been brought up on mottos such as “waste not want not”, or “a stitch in time – saves nine” etc. Equally you might simply feel more deserving than anyone else. 

How would you feel then if, with every competitor clamouring for your customer’s attention, you discovered juicy, ripe, low-hanging fruit (additional turnover) right under your nose, that for whatever reason no one, not even you, had failed to spot? Your hard work and effort, long hours, care, dedication and application get you the benefits they deserve, but what if you’re missing an open goal?

Low hanging fruit

Fo you think your customers only shop with you? Of course not. But they all could, if nurtured in the right way, spend considerably more with you. This isn’t rocket science, you know it already.

Much of your daily effort goes into trying to achieve this. i.e lower ROR and higher CLV. Consider the effect of having perceptive insight on an individual consumer basis, how much you could achieve more? You already know how difficult it is to find respected, professionally acclaimed, usuable predictive analytics software. 

Our method is simple, first learn everything that each individual consumer has ever bought, then everything they click on, and learn from every nuance. What do they come back to, what do they always look at but never buy? With ever purchase how many times do they click on it? What are their favourite things? What do they buy most frequently, when and why?

Now multiply this by the typical number of page views, clicks and impressions, made when they visit your site. With a typical ecommerce site it is pretty obvious that this can’t be done manually, but needs serious computer function. Now include into this equation, the “elephant in the room”, which is that you are already trying to cajole, massage and eke out the maximum value from each consumer.

Predictive personalisation software identifies the individual and presents the appropriate product, pertinent to that person in anticipation of exactly the appropriate opportunity. 

Don’t forget we are only talking about existing consumers, so additional overhead, time or resources spent to capture new customers, are not included here as that highly precious ship has already sailed, with every drop squeezed out of it.

Next, turn your attention to all the massed resources in terms of time for staff involved in your marketing and promotional emails. Honed and trimmed to precise parameters to maximise ROI,  returning as much as 20 – 25% of your entire turnover, if a variety of authorities are to be believed, GartnerForesterNeilson etc.

PPS software ignores the ballyhoo and razzmatazz of promotions. It operates quietly and runs perpetually in the background for you, supplementing your income.  It’s automatic, returning a significant reduction in your rate of return ROR as a consequence, and the lowest unsubscribe rate, yet it delivers in volume.

Personal interference would defeat it’s purpose, because the consumer can rely on the fact that, regardless of whatever else happens in their life, when this email arrives from you, it only ever has products they had previously shown interest in. It only contains products they themselves appreciate and are highly likely to buy imminently.

SwiftERM is a PPS ecommerce software purveyor, that publishes a variety of case studies  from a assorted verticals, Fashion, Automotive, Beauty & Healthcare, to Shoes and Petfood, so you can see what to expect. These are companies that have significant tech stacks, and yet still add additional returns, with minimal additional marketing expense.

Perpetually refined analytics and investment in ever greater identification within the program is made to deliver ever greater returns. All available, without cost, for you to test and verify for yourself in a free month’s trial.

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