Autonomous email marketing for greatest profit

Autonomous email marketing for greatest profit

Autonomous email marketing for SMEs. The day is here, well in fairness it’s been here for a while, but you no longer have to wonder “wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was something I could use that did all my email marketing for me, so I don’t have to touch it, ever”.

Many email software providers will bandy expressions like “You can automate your email using our products”, but closer scrutiny soon reveals its just one or two elements that are automated, and sooner or later you’re back to square one, spending hours getting involved in selecting products, to promote to respective audiences. If not having any time to do email marketing was the problem, you are no further forward. So let’s break this down into the requisite parts to make sure all the boxes are ticked.

Database Building and Nurturing for Email Marketing

You need to be able to feed and build your database of customers from a variety of sources including those that shop with you already, plus those that willingly subscribe to your mailing list, whether that by via a homepage pop-up, or other email capture facilities spread across incentives, social-media, competitions etc. It shouldn’t matter whether you have 5,000 or 5 million, it must be able to handle your emailing to each of them equally well. Check.

Note the care to ensure GDPR legal compliance is a provision, but more importantly that those receiving emails want to do so. There’s nothing worse for leaking  customer satisfaction than immediate disengagement, because they don’t want to hear from you. Unsolicited mail perpetuates bad feeling, which permeates among consumers, and therefore their friends and associates, like wildfire.

It needs to be able to offer suppression (opt-out) options, both in bulk and individually to the retailer, for use across alternate media, and likewise ensure the consumer themselves that they have this provision, if only to satisfy their ability to leave should they want.

Personal product selection for each individual consumer

By personalisation we don’t mean segmenting audiences into pre-determined groups that “might” happen to be the best group to buy a new line of products. No, we mean the selection of products that offers each and every individual, products pertinent to what they have bought or looked at, which a predictive analytics algorithm has calculated is the most likely ones for them to buy next. This is a hugely distinct way of nurturing your customer satisfaction, and close personal relationship with each and every one, coming back to whether that be for 5,000 or all 5 million of them.

The statistics for this treatment of email marketing has been calculated by both McKinsey and Statista, and deemed to be as much as 20x the returns currently enjoyed by traditional email marketing ESP, omnichannel and triggered solutions combined. This is where the enterprise people prick their ears up, as this is a whole tranche of marketing that many of them are not yet addressing currently, still believing it is covered by the efforts and solutions offered by their existing providers.

Consider how pertinent to your marketing efforts, the feeling your customers enjoy when they get an email from you, using this software. Because it is a martech solution, that email will always be personal to that individual. It doesn’t matter whether the last time they visited your website was last night or last week, what they looked at was being captured, not just to flog that product, but to rank it in order of highest buying propensity. There’s no point sending details of the last item they looked at, if it doesn’t fit into that individuals buying criteria, a unique pattern personal to each and every one of us, that needs to be learnt. A human can’t do that, but your newly installed software algorithm can.

Truly autonomous solution

 Autonomous, just like the cars of the imminent future will be, your email marketing can be left to run itself.  This type of solution is called predictive personalisation software (PPS). When your business is gathering momentum, and you begin to appreciate the value of email marketing, you commonly fall into the pit of affording staff. We published an article to help you calculate how much do your staff really cost.

You need to be able to check in on your PPS from time to time, to satisfy yourself that it is both running and indeed working well. Once established it’s great just to be able to enjoy building your business knowing this is perpetually running in the background without supervision, or issue. Take your days off with your friends and family, enjoy your holidays and spend your time and effort on other aspects of the business where and when it is needed. This is one box that is now ticked.

SwiftERM offer a free months trial of it’s predictive personal product selection software, and thereafter use without a lock-in requirement. the average ROI regardless of the size of your database is in excess of 1500% ROI. SwiftERM is a Microsoft Partner company.

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