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Automatic email personalisation is a marketing tactic in which you leverage customer data to create more targeted emails based on data you have about your subscribers. We are all different, in many ways, and our online shopping tastes reflect this perpetually.

But why should you choose to implement it sooner, rather than later? Because the ROI is not merely higher, but off the scale higher. The cost savings are massive too, more than multiples of all the other means of achieving the same, combined. You’ve got no staff cost, for one.

Personalisation involves customising your communication content. Making the content appropriate in context for each individual subscribers’ unique wants, needs, desires and aspirations.

It is important to appreciate that everyone these days is inundated with marketing messages, so emails that are personalised are much more effective when it comes to capturing customer attention. It’s logical, if you’re showing that individual products which, by that customer’s actions, have been identified as having the greatest interest to that individual. they are bound to be more interested.

You might want to dismiss this article by now, as you feel you are already implementing this. But we are not talking about getting their name right here, or merely setting up a triggered email solution. That happens when some action why the customer in on your site – such as an abandoned basket, nor including them is an appropriate segment (which is not personalisation at all) [everyone who bought xyz brand in the last 3 months] etc.

Those kind of personalised messages get a few percentage points higher only than segmentation of audiences do, which has been the mainstay of email marketing for the past decade. Instead we are taking about true personalisation, where each and every product each individual customer looks at, whether they buy it or not, is analysed and selected for greatest buying propensity. How long have they considered it, how many times, did they come back to it etc. How that consumer’s approach to purchases are distinct from merely roaming around your site. How your previous emails provoked actions, positive and negative etc. All this goes into the mix. No wonder it’s so powerful.

Why is automatic email personalisation so important?

Inboxes are busy places, and it’s not always easy to cut through the noise. If you want readers to open, read, and engage with your emails, you need to do something to stand out — and personalisation is one method of doing so.

Marketers who employ personalisation in their emails report 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates than those who do not. Meanwhile, 52% of consumers say they’ll look elsewhere for their shopping needs if a brand sends an email that’s not personalised.

Email personalisation alone isn’t a guaranteed ticket to success, but personalised product content is. The reverse must therefore true, that a lack of personalisation is a quick way to ensure less engagement with your message. Ask yourself why the most successful merchants in the world have it at the core of their marketing activity. If higher open rate, higher click through, and more conversions are the goal, then personalisation is an essential tool to make it all happen.

Automation email personalisation gives customers what they want

Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of any type of marketing. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI is £38. However, this kind of return on investment is only possible if customers want to hear from your company, i.e. having signed up for your newsletter, including previous purchases.

If you’re a large company that produces various types of content, like BuzzFeed, for example, this is impossible without automation. To get your subscribers to pay attention, you need to know what they want and give it to them. Imagine how time-consuming it’d be if BuzzFeed manually sent every customer every email from all of their 23 different lists, instead of using data, personalisation, and automation to deliver relevant messages.

Even if your company hasn’t scaled yet, the same situation applies. If you’re sending the wrong email messages at the wrong times, you run the risk of decreased engagement and a decrease in sales. With marketing automation, you’re using proven methods rooted in data and based on customer actions that give subscribers exactly what they’re telling you they want, all while enjoying more success.

The solution is predictive personalisation software (PPS), where an AI, machine learning algorithm is calculating greater likelihood of imminent conversion optimisation perpetually for you. So now you read autonomous solution instead of automatic one. You immediately lose the cost of email staff necessary, sometimes quadrupling the ROI immediately. Then the stats take over, as the world’s leading research institutions agree the ROI for showing each individual product selections person to them increases to 20x that of every other marketing element combined. A phenomenal return, and the single reason it is essential you adopt as soon as possible.

Personalisation makes each individual customer feel special

We mentioned earlier that 73% of consumers would rather do business with brands that personalise, and 86% of consumers report that personalisation plays a role in their purchasing decisions.

Even with persuasive statistics at hand, 70% of brands still fail to personalise. This is puzzling, considering consumers spend more money with brands who personalise email marketing messages.

Wrap up

Using personalisation and automation together can supercharge your email marketing by increasing relevancy, engagement, and drive more revenue for your business. Creating personalised, automated customer journeys help to make your subscribers feel like they matter and owe you their loyalty. This increases the chance of them moving through your sales cycle, again and again. You see your average order value grow, but most important, your lifetime customer value becomes enormous. 

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