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The power of generative AI personalisation in ecommerce marketing

The power of generative AI personalisation in ecommerce marketing

While #personalisation is already a huge buzzword, the power of #generativeAI is set to propel us to new heights. In this article we offer how generative AI will transform your approach to personalisation.

We are still in the very early days of generative AI. This is still a glimpse of how generative AI can make our communication much more efficient. When it comes to images, I’m also deeply intrigued by the AI engine, Midjourney, which can conjure up mesmerising images based on prompts.

Democratising Generative AI: Unleashing Creativity and Personalisation

The real beauty of generative AI lies in its newly found accessibility. No longer confined to the realm of tech wizards, this technology has become available to everyone. Leading industry players, including giants like Adobe and Microsoft, have paved the way for its democratisation.

Imagine being able to infuse ordinary photographs with a touch of enchantment. Thanks to generative AI integrated into software like Adobe Photoshop, this is now a reality. Dull landscapes can be transformed into breathtaking vistas, and everyday images can be imbued with a touch of magic, giving rise to extraordinary visual experiences. How about adding a northern light to that dull sky?

Moreover, Microsoft’s AI ‘Co-pilot’ for the Office package and soon all of Windows can act as an invaluable ally in the creative process. Seamlessly adapting to our writing style, it offers intelligent shortcuts and banishes the specter of writer’s block altogether. With generative AI as our co-pilot, our creativity can really flourish.

The Impact of AI on Personalisation

To understand the potential impact of generative AI on personalisation, it is essential to revisit the concept itself. Personalisation basically involves leveraging customer insights and delivering tailored messages, or specially for ecommerce retailers, message content i.e. personalised product selections and experiences accordingly. The bow tie of personalisation model below, offers a framework to comprehend how personalisation works today.

AI’s Contribution to ‘Old school’ Personalisation

Classic AI has already assisted personalisation efforts by improving efficiency and precision through crunching data and outputting insights. The now dated interpretation of this is that It can help define customer segments and decide which customers belong to which segments. But segments are themselves an inhibitor to the true potential as, like so many old school marketing techniques, it still assumes you want to lump people into neat little herds, instead of treating them as individuals.

It helps identify key moments of truth in the customer journey and provide personalised product recommendations and content recommendations. However, scaling personalisation beyond these aspects and into helping craft the many creative versions of your messages has remained a challenge due to the limitations of manpower and speed.

Probably the greatest advocate for leading the charge for change on this is SwiftERM AI generative software for ecommerce marketing. As human beings no longer need to be involved at any stage of the now autonomous process, as live data manipulates communications in nano-seconds of it being received for ever better results.

Is the One-to-One Future Finally coming through Generative AI?

Instead of prompting generative AI with the description of the segments and the messages – why not allow the AI to use all that the health club has to offer in terms of offers, services and training? And why not prompt the AI using not only the individual members name but the full data set for each individual member including their personal information, their training history, the classes they normally attend and perhaps even their medical history? It is then equipped both to help and guide that person, but maximise the customer lifetime value for the club too.

With generative AI as our ally, we will soon possess an arsenal of personalised marketing genies, conjuring unique and captivating experiences for each customer. The future is here, now it’s a matter to how willing you are to embrace it…


Generative AI stands as a powerful catalyst for transforming marketing communications into a realm of unmatched personalisation. It’s already a huge help in terms of generating text that we can actually use (as drafts at least). Both on the engine side and on the prompting / training side. 

As we embark on this exciting frontier, let us keep playing with the potential of generative AI to fuel our creativity, elevate personalisation, and usher in a new era of delightful customer experiences.


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