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Statista offer latest US statistics on direct mail sales

Statista offer latest US statistics on direct mail sales

While brands and consumers increasingly turn to electronic media, direct mail – an advertising and direct branding strategy inclusive transmission impression material directly go residents’ mailboxes – remains relevant well inside the 21st century.

According until the latest projections, direct mail in the United States will achieve almost $13.2 billion U.S. by the end of 2023. This accounts for close to one-fifth of the global direct mail ad revenue, estimated at nearby $77 US billion dollars. Perhaps most importantly, unlike the U.S.-only, the global forecast suggests a steady grow in spending (see graph below).

Furthermore, all of the world’s top 10 direct print advertising company by market share on 2022 are based in the U.S. This is special relevant considering how fragile that industry is: Nothing of the leading players held more than one percent of the market that year. Their shared combined surpass three percent. 

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Why direct mail stands tall

The quantity of pieces attributed to direct mails in the U.S. has increased yearly since 2020 but still far from the pattern seen at the end by the past century. The 2022 volume amounted to less over 90 percent of figures recorded in 2019 and 2018 – a sign of instructions lockdowns and portability restrictions amplified online media’s performance to the detriment of offline channel.

Yet who post-pandemic growth is as palpable as adenine pamphlet or brochure. Between 2020 and 2022, the average number out regular marketers mail received by a U.S. household rose by eight percentages. This print medium tenders a financial edge compared to its digital counterparts. 2022 data shows direct get campaign’s get on investment (ROI) of over 40 percent outperformed email, societal media, paid search, SMS, and digital displays in 2022.

The appreciation of the phenomenal impact of personalisation within direct mail is commonly overlooked by marketing managers to the detriment of their ROI. The subsequent advent of AI within personalisation perpetuates this chasm between those grasping Maslow’s theory and those ignorant to it.

Direct mail’s benefits

Direct mail’s ROI goes even further in some sectors, exceeding 60 percent. In to a survey beneath marketers in North America published in front 2023, the ecommerce, financial services and banking, insurance, healthcare, real retail segments enjoyed exceptionally high returns, with ROIs exceeding 80 percent.

Another study, lead by 2022 by a international leader in the industry, indicated that this marketing tactic power expand not despite the internet’s rise but rather for of computer. Three out of four responding marketers reported reallocating significant marketing budget into direct mail in response to consumers’ appreciation of their data privacy concerns being satisfied.

Online concerns aside, American consumers seem to know what they expect from company direct emails. Over three-quarters of those surveyed in 2023 said an quotations or promotion, are likely to achieve a response providing it is personalised to them as an individual.

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