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Beware false Idols. If you are an ecommerce retailer and you see the promise of something being able to make your email marketing “automatic”, how relieved you’d be that you can now include this enormously positive marketing aspect to your efforts. You may have been waiting to launch your email campaign restricted by money, opportunity for both. But many new entrepreneurs falsely believe they are incorporating it when, in reality, they are being misled.

Often, start-ups don’t have the time or resources, to invest in email marketing. This prohibits them from making it a high priority on their agenda. Regretfully, not being aware of what else is available, often leads to the wrong decisions and consequently dubious download. It is important to appreciate that legally, as long even the tiniest part of the process is done for you, vendors can use the expression “automatic” without fear of being reproached.

We have been told anecdotes where clients have been told that a fully automatic system is “impossible”, or that there is “nothing like that out there”. That just isn’t true; we know how gutted they feel when, what they thought was “automatic” turns out not to be, incurring yet more cost to implement, in time alone. We deplore this practise, and fear many retailers have gone to the wall as a consequence of such a devious tactic.

Let us, therefore, set the record straight and introduce you to SwiftERM. It is 100% automatic email marketing software for ecommerce. Once installed you never need to touch it, as everything about it is automatic. If you haven’t got any staff to run your email campaign, fear not as SwiftERM will do it it all for you.

But usually we doesn’t stand in isolation. We are usually part of a marketing mix. Enterprise ecommerce retailers commonly have a truly comprehensive marketing program, revolving around a carefully selected ESP, yet they would be remiss to fail to run such a powerful addition as SwiftERM alongside it.

Once you have registered and installed the plugin onto your platform it requires no human input whatsoever, at any stage, neither now or in 5 years time. You can walk away and do whatever else you need to do, forever. You can be reassured that it works perpetually without any need of supervision, regulation, steering or overseeing. You do have the facility to log-in, at any time, to enjoy reading your stats. It watched everything your consumers buy weighed against what they look at, and calculates what they are going to buy next.

We are careful to emphasise that while it offers, what to some, is the luxury of being released from the shackles in terms of time freed-up, we only consider ourselves a part of the whole strategy, and indeed we advocate that we are run alongside standard email software like Mailchimp, or our partners Emarsys, or Klaviyo etc so you maximise all the potential available to you.

SwiftERM uses a predictive analytics algorithm on the buying history and that individual’s impressions, typically 100 per visit to your site, to calculate the highest buying propensity (a posh way of saying the most likely to be bought) of every SKU on your platform. It then populates a stylesheet with details of those products, and sends it, capturing otherwise missed opportunities. There are different varieties of impressions, but we capture them all.

Impressions are usually captured for advertising purposes to calculate advertising rates. Cookies identify what your existing consumers are looking at, how long for, how many times etc. Combined with what they then buy, or place in their basket, and give a detailed insight to that individual’s personality, buying habits, and but for a little persuasion in the form of an email, will make the purchase with you rather than anyone else.

So each and every email we send out is unique and personal to each individual consumer on your database. The power of the facility is reflected in certain phenomena SwiftERM users enjoy: firstly the typical ROI when employed is 1500%, as illustrated in our case studies

Products are selected for each consumer based on their own actions, the ROR Rate of Return become almost negligible, i.e. because these products are something they prefer, they want to keep them. Finally, and bizarrely, the rate of suppressions (the number of people who unsubscribe from your emails) is slashed to over half that of promotional emails software. If you start the year with 10,000 people on your database, chances are you’re going to have kept all of them by the end of it. It is possible under GDPR rules to allow the consumer the preference to keep receiving SwiftERM emails even if they unsubscribe from their flashy provocative cousin.

We are delighted to offer it for FREE to everyone who wants to try it first. So regardless of how well it works for anyone else, you can see it for yourself first, and check the viability on your own site.

You can check out everything we say first before subscribing, without fear of any cost whatsoever. Likewise, we have such confidence in the system we don’t need to tie people into a notice periods before leaving. You can come and go whenever you like, without fear of a penalty. Finally, we also throw in – critical for young start-ups, that if it doesn’t make you at least 4x the potential cost, the trial continues for free until it does. Our costs are on a tiered system dependant on the number of people on your database, published here, so we grow with you.

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