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Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Searching For the “Best Google Ads Agency” in the United Kingdom? To help you with your search, we have compiled a list of AdWords companies in the United Kingdom. If you don’t know why you should have one check out this LeadSquared article.

Google Ads helps boost conversions and increases company revenue. However, running successful campaigns can be extremely challenging and daunting if you are not with the right partner.

Browse descriptions, expertise, feedback, pricing, portfolio etc. to find which best Google Ads agency that suits your company’s needs.

Top Google Ads Agencies in the UK  

1. Oxedent

“Helping business reach new heights with stunning PPC Management Services”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL: https://www.oxedent.com/

As evident by the name, we provide digital oxygen to your google ads campaigns and make your business breathe success with great return & conversion on your ad spent.

Our primary and only aim is PPC, and it’s all we do. We design bespoke campaign strategies to cater your paid ads requirement that will deliver the best returns on ad spends, and we cover all aspects around PPC such as market & competitor research, audience estimation, conversion calculations & optimization etc.

Our in house PPC experts will help you with effective Google Ads campaigns that will bring quality converting traffic to your platforms. We at Oxedent(G. Ads page) are keen to address the ball for effective PPC management of your business and help you make a sound investment in Google Ads.

Services Focus: Paid Search, Display& Remarketing, Google Shopping, Social Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization

Industry Focus: Business services, eCommerce, Consumer products & services

Team Size:1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget: £1000

Google Partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: Yes

Number of Reviews: 300+

Ratings: 4.9/5

Review Source: PeoplePerHour, TrustPilot,Clutch, Bark

Key Clients: Boy London, TATA Housing, Unicef Ireland, RevComps, InfinityPro, Swagger Inc, Dan Lok, Hugo & Sons, MahMayi Furniture.

Based in: Cheshire, United Kingdom


Budget-friendly: When you have a small or medium budget for your ad spends, then you should opt for a niche Google ads agency like Oxedent for whom your budgets will not matter and the efforts and dedication will be the same whatever be the budget.

Cater to all kinds of businesses: We work for businesses of all sizes – be it small or medium business, you don’t need to worry about your company size.

Contact anytime: PPC agencies like Oxedent, consultation calls can be on any time of the day or on any day. Whenever query or problems you have with your account, we are just a call away.

2.Push Group 

“Fast execution of the very latest online marketing innovation” 

Website URL: https://www.pushgroup.co.uk/

Push Group is a Google award winning digital marketing agency working with mid tier business or start ups that are looking to grow fast. Their specialty is in the speedy execution of the very latest marketing techniques & processes. The pricing structure is product dependent with performance incentives. When you work with Push Group it should feel ‘in house’ as if you were picking up the phone to an internal member of staff. They want a 1 to 1 experience with access to live data and like to work with clients that adapt fast and understand speed is their key to success.

Services Focus: Paid Search, Display & Native, eCommerce, Social Ads, Web Design

Industry Focus: Business services, eCommerce

Team Size:50 – 249

Minimum Monthly Budget:£4000

Google Partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: Yes

Number of Reviews:52

Ratings: 4.9/5

Review source: Clutch, Bark, Google

Key Clients: Vinci, National History Museum, Barriers Direct, Fish 4 Jobs

Based in: London, United Kingdom


Team Size matters: However greater you may increase the marketing activities; you know that the agency will be able to handle the pressure because of the team behind it. The bigger the team, they will handle your problems with their team power.

Consultation calls: – The advantage with the bigger AdWords agencies is that consultations and discussions can happen at specific intervals, likewise, once in a fortnight or on a monthly basis. These consultations can help you deal with your business.

3.Circus PPC

“Focused on removing waste & driving growth”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL: https://circusppc.com/

Circus PPC is a dedicated PPC agency based in Leeds in the north of the UK. Specialized in Retail and E-Commerce PPC they innovate, improve and grow our clients’ accounts to an award winning level. Their goal is to impress all of our clients with dedicated, collaborative approach, finding and removing waste, and driving growth, identifying and testing new opportunities that make their client leaders in their market. Circus PPC is well established as one of the leading PPC agencies, with a wealth of experience, expertise and tenacity with the confidence of improving every PPC account.

 Services Focus: Mobile Advertising, Shopping, Display & Remarketing, Paid Social, Amazon Shopping, Video Ads

Industry Focus: eCommerce, Retail, Financial services

Team Size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £8000

Google Partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: Yes

Number of Reviews:6


Review source: Clutch,Bark, Google

Key Clients: ASDA Money, Miele, Smiggle, Super Casino & Freedom Finance

Based in:Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Control system: A digital marketing agency has an entire team of experienced professionals with the proper training and expertise for providing quality marketing materials to the client companies.

Video ads & graphic designs: Video ads and creative designs are an integral part of paid campaigns so the agency can provide these services also along with the PPC management.

4.Loud Mouth Media

“Multi-award winning performance marketing agency”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://www.loudmouth-media.com/

Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award winning, specialist performance marketing agency providing a fully managed service across Search, Display, SEO and Social Advertising. They offer a fully managed service including in-depth research, strategy and account management and reporting. Originally established as a one-man band back in 2011, Loud Mouth has now grown to a team of over 22 like-minded experts with offices located in Belfast, London, Dublin and Glasgow.

Services Focus: Paid Search, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Social Advertising, SEO, Ecommerce Marketing.

Industry Focus: eCommerce, Business services

Team Size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £800

Google Partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: Yes

Number of Reviews: 31

Ratings: 5/5

Review Source:Clutch

Key Clients:Harry Corry, Belleek Pottery, Titanic Belfast, Four Star Pizza, The Irish Football Association (IFA), One4all

Based in:Belfast, United Kingdom


Award-winning PPC agency: Loud Mouth Media is the winner of ‘Best Small PPC Agency’ in the UK for two years in a row as a certified PPC expert, promising continuous business growth and maximum Return on Investment for your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.

Experienced agency: Loud Mouth Media is a renowned name in the field of PPC with 9+ years of experience in the same.

5. PPC Geeks

“Get more from your Google Ads account”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL: https://ppcgeeks.co.uk/

PPC Geeks are multi award winning PPC Experts, here only to deliver exceptional Google Ads results. PPC Geeks make your budget go further by targeting the right customers and eliminating wasted budget. PPC Geeks are the Google Ads Specialists with all Google Ads Certified digital advertising specialists waiting to make your campaigns more profitable.

PPC Geeks are hand-picked from the best digital advertising talent the industry has to offer with all specialists in digital advertising, giving you a whole team of experts at your fingertips. Their experienced senior and account managers will keep you in the loop, so you always know where your money is going.

Services Focus: Paid Search, Conversion Optimization, PPC for Startups

Industry Focus: eCommerce, Business services, Startups

Team Size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £800

Google Partner: No

Microsoft Advertising Partner: No

Number of Reviews: 34

Ratings: 4.8/5

Review Source:Clutch, Trustpilot

Key Clients: Skypark Secure, HiFix, Housing Hand, The Webinar Vet, Books2Door, APT Security Shutters, Hy5 Commercial Cleaning, SWUK

Based in:Knutsford, United Kingdom


PPC Focused agency: Dedicated to Paid Advertising [PPC] and worked for several clients in PPC and in the field of Google AdWords and digital marketing.

Expert team: Small and expert Google Ads experts

6. Mabo Media

“A proven track record of delivering profitable PPC advertising”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://www.mabo.co.uk/

Mabo Media is an award-winning, specialist PPC Management agency. Their pay per click will answer all the important questions and queries you may well have to help you with resolving issues, improving the performance of your Google Ads (AdWords) advertising. They will also keep you up to date with the latest tools and resources to help PPC advertisers stay ahead of your competition. Mabo comprises of specialists in paid search management who act responsibly on behalf of their clients managing their budgets and expectations when delivering their PPC Management service.

Services Focus: Paid Search, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads, Display & Remarketing, Microsoft Advertising

Industry Focus: eCommerce, Advertising & marketing, Consumer products & services, Hospitality & leisure

Team Size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £20,000

Google Partner:Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: No

Number of Reviews:194

Ratings: 4.9/5

Review source:Reviews.io, Trustpilot

Key Clients: Taunton Leisure,Feedem, Decorative Mirrors, Great British Outfitters, Stonehill, Stolen Goat, Gorgeous Cottages

Based in: Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


Knowledgeable & Fantastic Team: account managers are knowledgeable and offer fantastic services to their clients helping them to maintain strong positions for their keywords as well as help in their effective management of their budgets.

Available Anytime: Mabo Media’s account managers are always there for their clients at the end of the phone or emails allowing them to visualize their ad spend whenever they want and get them maximum returns!

7.Pepper PPC

“Everything we do focuses on profit over traffic”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://pepper.agency/

Pepper PPC agency is focusing exclusively on PPC services including social media ads, Google Ads, and Bing Ads. Everything they do focus on profit over traffic- right from strategy creation and account builds, right through to reporting and analysis. As Google Analytics, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Certified experts, they use analysis skills to slice and dice every molecule to reveal a hidden world of opportunity in the PPC accounts of their clients.

Services Focus: Paid Search, PPC Shopping, Paid Social, Amazon Advertising, Display & Remarketing, Microsoft Advertising

Industry Focus: eCommerce, Business Services

Team Size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget: Undisclosed

Google Partner:No

Microsoft Advertising Partner: No

Number of Reviews:1


Review source:Clutch

Portfolio: Wheelie Bin, Podiatry Clinic, Speech Buddies

Based in:Leeds, United Kingdom


Sole Focus on profits: their motto is to focus on their client’s profits and not just traffic and that has made them produce some excellent results.

Quicker Results: Pepper PPC met all metrics and performed admirably. They also work well with the client’s companies, quickly delivering results and meeting all deadlines.

8.One PPC Agency

“No Long Contracts. Just Results!”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://oneppcagency.co.uk/

One PPC provides landing page design and conversion rate optimization to help you get better marketing results! They provide detailed reporting for all the platforms for managing tools like Google Data Studio and Google Optimize. They provide detailed reporting for all the platforms that we manage tools like Google Data Studio and Google Optimize. They take care to understand the clients’ business goals and agree targets which are achievable as a reliable and experienced PPC agency.

Services Focus: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads, Landing Page Design, Conversion Rate Optimization.

Industry Focus: Business services, eCommerce

Team size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £349

Google partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: Yes

Number of Reviews: 5


Review Source: Google My Business

Key Clients: Swagger Home Furnishings, The Vet, Rattan Direct, Click Mortgages, CamperBuyer.com, Chatterbox Walls

Based in:London, United Kingdom


Transparency: One PPC Agency has always provided an excellent, transparent service at a fair price. The agency has always understood our brief and delivered within the agreed timescales and always done a great job for clients.

Pocket friendly: clients havenoticed a marked increase in quality leads from their Google Ads accounts without costing them anymore.They increase the ROI on ads and stop you from wasting money on ads and make profitable campaigns almost doubling their previous ROAS.

9.Maple Forest

“Specialise in accelerating and sustaining your online business growth”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://www.mapleforest.co.uk/

Maple Forest is a UK-based PPC management agency based in London. They specialize in accelerating and sustaining your online business growth and sales revenue using Google Ads PPC and Paid Social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Maple Forest has over a decade of proven success at exceeding targets with our PPC management strategies. They manage PPC accounts for businesses of all sizes and with our diligent research and meticulous planning regularly exceeding client KPI’s and targets providing you with growth.

Services Focus: Google Ads, Social Ads, Video Ads, Shopping & Product Listing, Web designing

Industry Focus: Business services, eCommerce

Team size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  Undisclosed

Google Partner:Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner:Yes

Number of Reviews: Unknown


Review source: Unknown

Key Clients: Sannib London,The Perfect Smile, Change My Life, Compleat, International Housing London, Erlang Solutions

Based in: London, United Kingdom


Fast & Friendly Agency: Quick responses acquiring knowledge of the ever changing audiences helping clients to secure maximum sales.

Trustworthy & Competent: Maple Forest is extremely trustworthy and confident a team to look after all client campaigns, maximizing return without ever spending too much.- Regular catch ups to discuss marketing strategies and budgets further firm-up the confidence of the clients.

  1. Keel-Over

“Performance-driven digital customer acquisition agency”

Top Google-Ad Agencies in the UK

Website URL:https://keel-over.com/

Keel Over Marketing is a team of industry-leading digital marketing specialists which has been serving clients since 2012. They combine top-level strategy with implementation and technological capabilities, something you will only find at a leading digital marketing agency. Through their in-depth technical expertise, their obsession with big data and their wealth of in-house experience, the agency can help clients who live by their analytics deliver increased quality and quantity customer acquisition that drives improved ROI.

Services Focused: Google Ads, Social Ads, Video Ads, Shopping CSS, Amazon Ads, SEO

Industry Focused: eCommerce, Financial services, Education

Team size: 1 – 49

Minimum Monthly Budget:  £20,000

Google partner: Yes

Microsoft Advertising Partner: No

Number of Reviews:22


Review source: Bark, Google My Business

Key Clients: The Bamboo Flooring Company, Gifts of the Orient, Marloe Watch Company, Altons Garden Centre, Genie Lending, Make My Blinds

Based in: Bristol, United Kingdom


Fully-accredited Google specialists: All staff is fully-accredited Google specialists, skilled in driving tailored traffic to your site and are ready to kick start your clicks.

In-house management staff: The agency has a rapidly expanding team of in-house copywriters and account management staff produces fantastic results, using industry-leading insights to deliver maximum ROI.

Hiring an agency Vs DIY

Google Ads drives the potential to deliver targeted traffic and it requires technical know-how for doing it in the right way. Even the marketing experts can make mistakes on entering a new market or while selling a new product with the help of Google Ads. Hiring a Google Ads agency is a good fit for the businesses rather than having an in-house team. Expert PPC analysts are needed for reviewing each potential aspect of your account and they will always strive to look for various improvements in the ad copies or landing page of your website to increase conversion rate.

Mistakes are costly in Google Ads. Professional AdWords managers charge fees for a reason for it is not that easy as it seems to you. It requires time for constant update of ads and keywords hence need constant monitoring and optimization of the campaigns. An agency can do this while you can be busy with running your business. Agencies do this every day so they are efficient in building and running campaigns as well as optimizing them. Moreover, agency professionals are experienced and certified in comparison to your knowledge about Google ads management.

One of the commonest misconceptions about Google Ads is that the greater the money spent, the more influence it will have on your business. But the truth is Google Ads is more a playing field with marketing strategies and this is not realized by the new advertisers. So, businesses choose to outsource Google ads management and this is a wise step for your business, even if it small or medium size.

Pay per click advertising is not only about creating ads and running them across different channels. It’s about reaching the right people at the right time with the proper communication and offerings and influences them to take actions that you care about and will drive value to your business.

DIY (do it yourself) can only be a good option if you are passionate about running ads and willing to stay updated with ever-changing paid media land space. Else it’s better to pass the wheels who understand it well.

You need to hunt for the best person or agency for the perfect representation of your brand, communication, offerings, products, services and other various factors.

Paid search has a significant influence on your business performance, and doing it right will really help you with quick wins but also will improve your top and bottom line.

Hiring a Google Ads agency – a better decision

An agency is always up to the task. Even the small agencies are also reliable options for managing your Google Ads. They have specialized expertise, dedicated teams and robust tools to deliver best results for your paid ads campaigns. Agencies have professional tools useful for campaign management, regularized reporting, communication, customer relations and much more. Google Ads agencies are generally specialists for individual services they offer and try to enhance their performance and devote more hours to your campaigns management. 

Larger agencies can offer you a wide range of services, and hence their pricing is significantly higher in comparison to the smaller agencies.

An effective Google ads agency gives you the following assurances and responsible control management:

  • Proper Management: When you hire an agency for your Google Ads management, you get sufficient workforce for effective management of the large accounts. Also, you will get Google Ads experts to manage your accounts
  • Tools: Google Ads agencies have access to a wide array of tools for optimization of your campaigns. For instance, the bid management software offers automation for the large accounts and helps to optimize your bid levels automatically even when the team members are not active.
  • Team Support: Agencies have a team rather than a single person for managing your account. So, your instructions are shared among them, thus making it effective. The agency is responsible for your account performance, and so their team reduces the chances of you having bad experiences. Bad reviews or referrals cause massive damage to the agency’s reputation, so a respectable business always strives to ensure customer satisfaction.


You can understand your business fundamentals and customer needs best, so doing it yourself can always give you an extra advantage. But you should get into it only if you have the right marketing skills; otherwise, it’s going to cost you a lot with no returns if done wrong.

Don’t want to compromise on the opportunities to focus on the other essential aspects of your business?

It’s always advisable for business owners to let the right person deal with suitable responsibilities holding everything right can be challenging as you grow.

However, if you are not an expert in Google Ads, you will face lots of struggle in running the campaigns effectively and may not be able to drive positive ROI (return on investment). The campaign performance might be lower in comparison to the results that a Google Adwords Specialist or agency can deliver.

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