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SwiftERM and Differentia Consulting Announce Partnership

SwiftERM and Differentia Consulting Announce Partnership

SwiftERM and Differentia Consulting Announce Partnership to bring hyper-personalisation software to select ecommerce retailers.

The Agreement Between SwiftERM and Differentia Consulting offers a mutual collaboration of a unique additional email solution offering SwiftERM’s AI hyper-personalisation software to ecommerce email marketing.

London, England Nov 2020

SwiftERM is one of the leading global providers of AI intelligent hyper-personalisation which is used in addition to traditional marketing and promotional email software to identify imminent individual consumer purchases.

SwiftERM and Differentia Consulting, a Qlik Elite Solution Provider providing BI and ERP solutions and services since 2002, today announced a partnership which will allow them to offer their solutions via their respective channels – helping ecommerce retailers manage and adapt to digital commerce, exceeding consumer expectations, and enabling them to compete for modern digital world whilst delivering exponential growth to the ROI for mainstream marketing budgets.

In addition, Differentia Consulting offers an advanced solution to assist ecommerce retailers in maintaining brand reputation by monitoring and protecting their cyber well-being.

“Differentia Consulting’s #Smarter.BI approach to business intelligence lends itself ideally as a compatible marketable solution,” said David Swift founder and CEO, of SwiftERM. “The joint agreement specifically offers omnichannel providers a synergy of effort of both Differentia’s Smarter.BI with SwiftERM’s unique hyper-personalisation solution. So we can now help companies sell more personal and individually targeted products more sophisticatedly while collaborating on digital advancement, and security risk management.”

“Retail is one of the most competitive industries in the world requiring an incredible response to consumers and adapting quickly to their change in behaviour. One retail competitive advantage is truly understanding your customers and engaging with them at exactly the right point in time. SwiftERM’s solution presents exactly the right products, at precisely the right time, and is, therefore, the perfect addition to a Qlik solution which empowers deep and unrestricted exploration providing the ability to understand, target and engage with your customers and make decisions based on a 360-degree view of the customer.” said Adrian Parker, Differentia Consulting Vice President, Strategy.

The partnership provides current and future SwiftERM customers a recognised effective approach to understanding their website visitors, campaign impact, sales conversion, high-value customers, tracking abandoned baskets and so on – all whilst also managing cyber risk, reputation and compliance. Data captured perpetually by impressions and buying history dictate predicting imminent consumer purchases and are the core element of SwiftERM, so the partnership extends the service to include offering a huge reservoir of additional analysis and security.

For information regarding this partnership, and solutions, visit here.

About SwiftERM

SwiftERM is an autonomous email marketing software for ecommerce. It uses predictive analytics to identify imminent consumer purchases and runs alongside promotional email software. It is unique to each consumer on the database, using buying history and impressions to calculate what they are most likely to buy next, then populates an email and sends, capturing additional revenues from existing consumers. A sophisticated algorithm identifies ever-changing opportunities. It maintains an accurate appreciation of each individual. It has zero staff requirements. It delivers phenomenal returns. 

About Differentia Consulting

Differentia Consulting partners with IBM, Oracle (JD Edwards), Microsoft (AWS), Qlik Analytics Platform; QlikView and Qlik Sense, Alteryx, RapidMiner and Box. Our clients come from all sectors and core technologies (JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Infor, IFS, Microsoft, SAGE, Siebel, Salesforce, SugarCRM etc). Differentia Consulting’s ERP heritage (JD Edwards) supported the move into the Enterprise Data/Analytics/BI space, with Smarter.BI powered by Qlik, delivering value to clients as they discover their business, achieve operational excellence and become more agile for continued competitive advantage.

Partner Page: https://www.swifterm.com/swifterm-and-differentia-consulting-announce-partnership/

Differentia Consulting Press Contact

Donna Hopkins
[email protected]
+44 1494 622 600

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